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As well as the regular server that hosts the DP site (including this wiki) we have a test server at https://www.pgdp.org. This is used to test website code before it is installed for general use on the main site (sometimes called the production site). It is also used to experiment with new ways of doing things using the existing code.

The main production site is for all projects that eventually progress through the rounds to get posted to PG.

Registering an account

Anyone can register an account on the test server: just use the "Register" link on the front page. You don't have to use the same username as on the real site, but it reduces confusion if you do. Note that no emails will actually be sent to you, which means you won't get an activation email. Instead, what would have been in the activation email will be displayed on the web page. To activate your account, use the URL that's displayed in the body of what would have been sent by email if it were not a test site.

If you overlook this part of the page, all is not lost. Contact a site administrator, and they can arrange for you to be sent another copy of your activation link.

Helping with testing

The system administrators try to keep the software on the test server and the production server as close to each other as possible, but at any given time, there may be pre-release code deployed to the main test server -- that is, code updates that have been tested and approved that will be rolled out to the production server during the next deployment.

There are also several differences in how the test server is used.

Among those differences are:

  • You don't have to actually make the text look like the image. The idea is to test functionality, not actually produce ebooks.
  • There's sometimes a longer wait than usual between pages. Its purpose is to give you time to select and copy any error messages that might appear. There's always a link that you can use to go straight to the next page without waiting.
  • Sending emails is ordinarily disabled. When you do something that would cause an email to be sent immediately, the content of the email may be displayed on the web page. (If you subscribe to events that are triggered by a later event, you will get no notifications. This includes, but is not limited to, notifications of Private Messages or topics you're subscribed to, task notifications and event subscriptions.)
  • Accesses don't transfer from the main site.
    • If you need access to a later rounds for testing proofing or formatting functions, go to your member details page, and you will be able to add P1, P2, P3, F1, F2 accesses for yourself.
    • Likewise, you can add P2 Mentor, PP, DU and PPV access for yourself, for checking site-related functionality.
    • If you need PM access on the test site, please send a request to db-req at pgdp dot net including your username on the test server.

Helping with Code Development

If you're interested in helping with code development, see the DP Code Development DP wiki page.