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Refreshing this page, 2009

I came to this page hoping to find a list of old things that I could work on. But many of the projects which were listed as "Available" here have moved on, and in many cases, have been posted to PG already. So I've attempted to freshen this page up by moving projects to the section of posted items. I'm guessing this page isn't prepared dynamically, but was once made my someone working from a spreadsheet which may or may not still exist, so that doing this by hand isn't as silly as it seems.

Also I've started adding etext:nnnnn links in the final "Posted!" section, to help people see where these old projects ended up.

In the future I'd be interested in making the posted section more interesting - how long did projects spend at DP altogether, how much time in each of the rounds, etc. Feel free to jump in and start on that. I'll probably remove the redundant "Posted to Project Gutenberg" column in this section. Would anyone be interested in splitting the remaining "available" projects up into Proofing / Formatting / Post-processing categories? Pevans 05:18, 3 June 2009 (PDT)

Thanks Pevans -- I know that Angelsmom and I put together the spreadsheets through much scouring, after both having an interesting in "gravedigging" the very oldest projects around. I still have the original spreadsheets, and it may be worth adding projects from 2004/2005 in, now, as beng older than 6 years on site (if any such exist!). Angelsmom kept much more track than me after the initial creation of the spreadsheets, and I got a very hectic job that took me away from DP for a year. Anyway...

Keeping it moving in 2011

Thankyou Mroe and AnneG for keeping this page up to date. RL will be keeping me away from it for some time. Pevans 15:31, 15 July 2011 (PDT)