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Below is a list of projects I have PPed, and those I am currently PPing.

Posted to PG

The following are projects I've post-processed that have been posted to PG.
They are in order of release, from most recent to oldest.

In Progress

The following projects are in my PP queue.
They are in the order they entered my queue, from oldest to newest.
The (notes) are mostly for my own reference.
The list is not completely up-to-date, as I have trouble updating the wiki most of the time.

  1. Anderson, Joseph, ed. [tr. Jon A. Hjaltalin, Gilbert Goudie]: The Orkneyinga saga {P2alt-r}

(May need an MP project for proofing images of illustrations. Need to check on blanks; paper copy on hand.)

(Has been through SR--hoping to get it up for PPV soon.)

(Considering asking for this to be re-treaded again. Also want to get Volume 1 to DP. I now have the clearance, and am working on the OCR.)

(Have requested hospitalisation through db-req.)

  1. Zwemer, Samuel Marinus: Arabia: The Cradle of Islam

(Has substantial chunks of Chinese text, also some Hebrew.)

  1. Cooper, Elizabeth: The Harim and The Purdah

(Has been through SR. Almost finished with html version, but need to check epub and mobi output.)

  1. intro by Epiphanius Wilson: Turkish Literature {P3 skipped}

(formatting is very inconsistent, doing an F3 on it.)

(Missing some images - in hand.)

  1. Pickthall, Marmaduke William: Veiled Women

  1. trans. Terrick Hamilton: Antar: A Bedoueen Romance

(Apparent printer's error with page numbering. There is an outstanding question about inclusion of modern TP & V as it's a facsimile reprint.)

(Has been through SR--just need to finish up the html.)

  1. Khuda Bukhsh, S. (Salahuddin): The Islam of Mohamed

(Contains two lines of Persian - in hand.)

  1. Annie H. Small: Islam

(Has been through SR--need to figure out how to do the sidenotes so they don't look appalling in the .mobi version.)

(Through SR--html almost done.)

(Very complex--headers, sidenotes and footnotes.)

  1. Burton, Richard Francis: The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam

(Has been through SR--still need to research and check the Qur'anic references in the footnotes, and work out what's going on with the endnotes. Also need to check quality of some of the proofing images; better copy now available at TIA.)

  1. Iqbal, Muhammad: The Secrets of the Self

(Through SR. Need to look for a workable solution for line numbers.)

(Almost ready for SR.)

(Many pages with more footnote than text.)

  1. Neufeld, Charles: A Prisoner of the khaleefa

(Almost ready for SR.)

(Clearance problem--in hand. Am checking proofing images against a copy of the cleared edition. Some proofing images will need to be replaced.)

  1. McNair, John Frederick Adolphus: Oral Tradition From The Indus

  1. Stevenson, Robert Louis, illus. N. C. Wyeth: Kidnapped {P1->P1} {P3 skipped}

(Through SR. Needs some work on the illustrations - html otherwise done. Needs proofing image of map, and better hi-res of map.)

(Very inconsistent use of ´ and `--need to decide whether to correct or leave them, and how detailed the TN needs to be.)

(I have access to a paper copy. Project may be missing half-title and following blank.)

  1. Adams, W. H. Davenport: Lighthouses and Lightships. {P1->P1}

(Approximately 80 pages of Arabic.)

  1. Fåanåi, Muòhsin (Tr. by David Shea & Anthony Troyer): The Dabistán, or, School of manners (Volume 1)

  1. Alexander Peterkin (Editor): Records of the Kirk of Scotland

(May need a retread, and does need to be merged with part 2, below, as they were published in one volume.)

  1. Ouseley, William: The Bakhtyar Nama

(Clearance needs to be checked, as does source used, as dates in PCs don't match either.)

  1. Grieve, James Ritchie: Oat Meal; The War Winner

(My first PM book. More proofers' notes per page than I have ever seen.)

  1. Linskill, William Thomas.: St. Andrews Ghost Stories