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I think the choice between PNG and JPEG should be made on aesthetic and size considerations only, not based on the distincition between lossy and lossless, or other philosophical issues: scanning pictures always leads to loss of information. Having said that, for most line-drawings, PNG will result in an equivalent appearance as a JPEG with a much smaller file size. It may help tweaking the bit-depth to 3 or 4 bits in such cases. With these bit dephts, good old GIF may even do better. user:Jhellingman

The quality of JPEGs is unsuitable for preserving images in most cases. Similarly, the quality of low-bitdepth PNGs is unsuitable for any but very crisp line art, since it results in dithering. For posting to PG, that's another matter. But for preserving the book, they're both bad unless they're very big. Ultimately, we come down to the old conflict between preservation vs. redistribution. Vaguery 08:12, 22 May 2006 (PDT)