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Things to move over from the DP forum

What to do if you're bored

  • Look for terms on pages transferred from the DP forum that should be linked internally to new or existing wiki pages. Wrap them in [[double brackets]].
  • Fold http links into text. In other words, change "This neat place" to "[ This neat place]"
  • Look for old DPWiki mentions of this post, the next post, etc., where it should now read this article, or link to another article.
  • Link pages together! Consider building little organizers to link related content together.
    • Make sure every article has a "What links here" of some sort!
  • Categorize articles by adding [[Category:CorrectCategoryName]] markup somewhere on them (the bottom is most common) to help people find the article more easily.
    • Note, "categories" are actually tags; pages can (and often should) belong to multiple categories, but don't go overboard.
    • The list of pages that don't yet have categories can be found at Special:Uncategorized pages and the list of existing categories is at Special:Categories. The Category:Categories page shows an attempt (likely incomplete) at a hierarchy of categories.

Refactoring ideas

  • Try to work in as many links as possible to the DP forum. Where discussion is occurring on the forums regarding a wiki page, consider adding a link from the wiki article's Talk page to the forum thread.
  • Shrink pages: Except for long lists, try to break pages down to two or three screens each. Look at the Long Pages list to see what might be broken up productively.
  • Expand pages: Little telegraphic pages with a few dozen words are often better integrated into something else, or expanded into real content. Look at the Short Pages list and see what might be done.
  • For long, branched lists, consider breaking them into many pages in a tree structure using slashes in the page titles.
  • Fix header levels. Consider using level 1, 2 or 3 headers for main stuff on the page
  • Push the frontier: Look for wanted pages and add them
  • Wrap the frontier in on itself: Look for dead end pages and try to link them (somehow) to other pages in the wiki, or the outside world. We're not growing a tree here; it's a web!

Miscellaneous notes

  • If clicking the "What links here" tool (at left) shows no results for a page you're editing, even though you know there's a page out there, then the link database is probably messed up. This is normal, and probably arose in the importing phase. To update it, find the link that points to the page, change it to something not already in the wiki, save it,and then change it back. By saving the "new" link, you'll have updated the wiki database and everything will be back to normal.