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Special Days are days (or sets of days) when specific projects which have topical significance are released from the release queues for proofing and/or formatting.

You can view the list of special days currently active on the site and read details about the day. On that page, clicking on the special day name will do a project search and show all the projects associated with that special day.

There are two other special days types. Neither one is associated with a specific day; both allow the Project Manager to define a day as special for one project at a time by specifying the date, and which type should be used:

  • Authors' Birthdays
  • Other Special - Projects that are associated with a day that is not the author's birthday that the Project Manager wishes to bring special attention to.

Suggested Special Days

Important: This is a place to list suggested days. Please relegate all discussion about these days to the Suggestions for new SPECIAL DAYS forum thread.

  • 15 July - Rembrandt's birthday