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The Safari Browser

Safari is the web browser application from Apple that is bundled (free) with Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Different browsers have different behavior, and there are special tips and tricks worth knowing for DPing on Safari.

Do you have a Safari DPing tip, trick or question? List it below, and let's start building up a knowledge base to help other Safari DPers, especially newbies.

Safari Tips and Tricks

  1. Turn on spell-checking (Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type) and words that are questionable appear with a dotted red line underneath them. (This doesn't mean they're wrong, just that they're not in the built-in dictionary.)

    One of the most useful ways to take advantage of this feature is to place your cursor at the beginning of the text field, and use the right arrow key to move it through every word in the page, following the cursor with your eye and watching the page above. This should help draw your eye over the entire page, and will highlight misspelled words the cursor passes through.
  2. For some hard proofing pages, it can be useful to hear the text spoken out loud. Just highlight the text, and choose Safari > Services > Speech > Start Speaking Text. Watch the page image while you listen.

Troubleshooting Safari DPing

  1. Problem: Some proofing window functions don't work, pages load with difficulty, may progress to lockup. Check: An OSX bug can cause performance problems in Safari, including failure of java functions and lockups when doing tasks like DPing. See discussion from MacFixit here -- [[1]] -- and find a freeware program that provides a fix here -- [[2]] .

External Links

Here's a link to Apple's "Mac 101" page for Safari. [[3]]