RST: Post-Processing Tutorial

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Note: RST is no longer used at DP. Information on this page may be out of date.

This document describes one way to post-process a DP project with reStructuredText. It is targeted at a typical PPer who uses Windows and who submits files to PPV. There are many variations possible with the same outcome: a single RST source file gets sent to the whitewasher. This one, however, is the one the RST post-processing mentors will most often refer to.


For post-processors who don't want to use GuiGuts and who want only the bare minimums, only Python and Epubmaker are all that are needed. Both are straightforward installs on Windows or Mac.

For post-processors who typically use GuiGuts, here are the suggested pieces to produce RST:

  1. GuiGuts
  2. Python
  3. Epubmaker (local install or server access)
  4. a UTF-8 capable editor. (optional)

Post-processing sequence

This post-processing sequence is based on using guiguts. For those not using guiguts or for questions about this sequence, contact DP user rfrank.

  1. post-process with guiguts in Latin-1
  2. generate the text file with the .bin file and save both for PPV
    1. first two steps can be identical to the existing procedures with guiguts, though some simplification is allowed.
    2. if you have a PPV lined up who doesn't use the bin file, there is no need to save the .bin for the PPV.
  3. make a copy of the text file and mark it up with RST.
    1. UTF-8 is strongly recommended for RST, so work with a UTF-8 editor if possible. Latin-1 is a second choice.
  4. convert all italics and/or bold markup to pairs of single asterisks or double for bold text
  5. if using UTF-8, convert any non-Latin-1 characters (such as [oe]) to their UTF-8 equivalent: œ
  6. if using UTF-8, convert 2-hyphen dashes to their UTF-8 equivalent: —
  7. if using UTF-8, convert straight quotes to smart quotes (optional)
  8. generate the outputs with epubmaker
    1. this is to check that it generates successfully. Edit only the source file if changes are needed.
  9. send up the text file and .bin file (from step 2) to PPV
    1. depending on your PPV. Some will want to check the generated file and not the pre-RST version.
  10. also send up the .rst file (and images folder, if present).

PPV sequence

If the .bin file is provided:

  1. checks the provided text file using the provided .bin in GG.
  2. if corrections are needed, change the text file and the RST file.
  3. generate the outputs with epubmaker as go/no-go
  4. upload (only) the .rst file (and images folder, if present) to the WWer.

If no bin file is provided:

  1. generate the Latin-1 text from the .rst src and check.
  2. if corrections are needed, change the RST file and regenerate.
  3. generate the outputs with epubmaker as go/no-go
  4. upload (only) the .rst file (and images folder, if present) to the WWer.

This skeleton view of the process will be fleshed out as the first few projects go through the system.