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The Unpopular Review published (and probably edited) by Henry Holt.

Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1914)- v. 11, no. 22 (Apr.-June 1919). (Quarterly: two issues per volume)

Continued by The Unpartizan Review Vol. 12, no. 23 (July-Sept. 1919)-Ceased in 1921.

As a cataloger at the Clements Library (University of Michigan) mentioned, The Unpopular Review was

A sprightly new “free thinking” periodical which takes original and “unpopular” stands on a variety of issues: psychic research, tobacco (against—notes that the Tobacco Trust using known addictive qualities was trying to hook China with free cigarettes), alcohol (for), protecting minorities from majorities, against the “war system,” etc. Changed later to Unpartizan Review before folding in 1921. Isn’t the 21st century lucky that all the problems discussed have been solved!

Volumes and issues in hand (logista)

Unpopular Review 1 Jan-Jun 1914
Unpopular Review 2 Jul-Dec 1914 (Issue 3)
Unpopular Review 3 Nr 6 Mar-Jun 1915
Unpopular Review 5 Jan-Jun 1916
Unpopular Review 6 Jul-Dec 1916
Unpopular Review 7 Jan-Jun 1917
Unpopular Review 10 Jul-Dec 1918
Unpopular Review 11 Jan-Jun 1919
Unpartizan Review 12 Oct-Dec 1919