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The Library Magazine of Select Foreign Literature

Published by John B. Alden, New York.

This is an odd little periodical. It was first published in 1879-1880, and then reprinted about 1883. The Library of Congress has it in microform (therefore, so do many university libraries).

It was published under this name for about two years (up to Volume 5), but then changed focus and title and became The Library Magazine of American and Foreign Thought, however it kept the same volume numbering. Sometimes it has a publisher of “American Book Exchange.”

The volume numbering in itself is not very reliable. Volume 1 starts with January, 1879 and appears to be a 6-monthly volume, but then Volumes 4, 5 and 6 are each for one month (non-consecutive).

You can read a little more about Alden at The Lucille Project. He sounds like a fascinating, excessively optimisic, businessman.

The periodical itself consists of reprints of articles from English publications (and Scottish — the Chambers’s are well-represented), mainly essays on political and natural history, with some biography thrown in.

I (logista) have a blanket clearance from PG for all volumes prior to 1923 (20060326135819alden). There are about 3 or 4 volumes after volume 6, but I don’t have them and have no idea about what time period they represent.

Volumes in hand

  • Volume 1 Issue 1
  • Volume 2
  • Volume 3
  • Volume 4
  • Volume 5
  • Volume 6
  • Volume 8 (October, 1881)

Volumes missing

  • Volume 7
  • Volume 9