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Wikipedia article about Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country.

British Library says: Fraser’s Magazine for Town and Country. 80 vol. London, [1830-69.] It apparently ended in 1882.

Influential general interest and literary magazine. First publication of works by Mill, Carlyle, Thackeray, Kingsley, etc.

Many volumes are also available at Google Books (from U Michigan)

Volume/Issue Who (DP) Status
Vol 54: Jul-Dec 1856 logista
Vol 56 Jul-Dec 1857 logista
Vol 57 Jan-Jun 1858 logista
Vol 69 Jan-Jun 1864 logista
Vol 80 Jul-Dec 1869 logista
Vol 81 Jan-Jun 1870 logista
Vol 98 Jul-Dec 1878 logista
Vol 105 Jan-Jun 1882 logista