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Buchanan's Journal of Man Vol 1 (Feb 1887 - Jan 1888) New series, by J. R. Buchanan. Boston: Buchanan. 1887.

Joseph Rodes Buchanan (1814-1899), was the medical doctor who coined the term "psychometry."

The Journal of Man first series started in 1849 and ran until 1856. The journal was restarted in 1887, and ran for three years. The periodical is full of phrenology, spiritualism, and other similar topics. There are also shorter miscellany departments, where one can read about things like "Protyle the Basis of Matter" and "Morphiomania in France."

From the first issue:

Even as a commentary on periodical literature, there will be a countless number of the superficial theories of ignorance and haste for it to examine, while there will be the more pleasing task of noting the introduction of sound philosophy, the progress of careful investigation, the uprising of common sense against hereditary falsehood, and the gradual enlightenment of the clerical, medical, and educational professions by the slow progress of new ideas, and the unembarrassed progress of the physical sciences and inventions which encounter no collegiate hindrance, excepting this, that the average liberal education, as it is called, gives so little knowledge of physical science, that the educated classes often fail to distinguish between the real inventor and the deluded, or delusive, impostor.

The first volume of the new series is in DP (by issue). I'm still looking for more issues/volumes. logista