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Page A Day

This team aims to advance old, somewhat neglected projects. It does this by each member proofing (or formatting) one page of the project every day.

How is this different from say PTO or Gravediggers?

Proofing the Oldest chose to attack the very oldest project in each round. No thinking required, just sort the project lists by age and pick the first. Gravediggers had a differnt approach. This project picks on *one* project per round, which is both so slow-moving and bulky enough that it would take some time - months, often - to finish off without a pack of proofers to quickly bring it down.

Note that no one, other than yourself, can prevent you from doing multiple pages of a project on a day. But the hope here is that a group will gain enjoyment by working on a project together.


Project thread: forumtopic:29529. Team page: None yet.


DAvid (De2164) first proposed this in October 2007 and nominated projects until about January 2008. The effort was adopted by Andre Engels in March 2008, who began suggesting one English, one LOTE project in each round. In 2015 there was a bit of a revival, focussed on P3.

Current projects

Please, please, please examine the project guidelines and any relevant project discussion before doing your page. We don't want to make a mess for those who come after us.


F2: Someone want to make a suggestion?

Selection criteria

I (pevans) will explore a few different ideas until I see what, if anything, works.[1] A proposed Page-A-Day project should:

  • have more than 30 days to go in its round, based on its current average progress, and
  • satisfy Andre's criteria:
    1. is not P3 LOTE,
    2. is not Hard[2],
    3. is not Hard P2 LOTE,
    4. doesn't require specialist knowledge.
  • have more than 14P pages remaining, where P is the likely number of Page-A-Day proofers. (This means there's at least two weeks' remaining work. What is P? 2? 5? 9?)
  • be at least 30 days in its round.
  • have a PPer [De2164's suggestion]
  • For now, no P1, P2 or F1; they don't need much help.
  • For now, no F2: I'm (pevans) not F2 qualified, so I won't suggest anything there. Please, someone else, feel free to do so.

[Footnote 1: "Works" means "gets a slowly moving project moving faster" i.e. results in a significant increase in pages done on it per day.]

[Footnote 2: Andre's "not HARD" restriction might be relaxed (DAvid's suggestion).]

Abandonment criteria

We'll stop working on a project when:

  1. The project finishes its current round (doh!), or
  2. There's another eligible project in the round to replace it, and
    • there's less than a week left at our current rate of progress, or
    • there's fewer than a hundred pages available (DAvid's suggestion; the remaining pages tend to evaporate quickly)
    • the project gets adopted by another team.
  3. The PM asks us to.

Projects previously worked on




  1. From 14 August 2015.
  2. From 7 July 2015.


  1. Nominated 15 March 2011.
  2. Nominated 05 March 2011.
  3. [What dates was this worked on?]



  1. From 14 August 2015.
  2. From 13 July 2015.