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If you are unable to contact a mentor or would like additional help finding one, please contact jjz or windymilla.

This a list of post-processors who are currently available for PP Mentoring. If you, too, would like to help mentor new post-processors, please read the PP Mentoring page, and then add yourself to the list below.

List of PP Mentors

Henry Flower -- Anything except for 'exotic' formats: I know nothing about TEI, Latex, or RST. I use Linux (Guiguts), so I can help with installation issues there. I can cope with German.

jandac -- I use Guiguts on Windows, and use HTML and CSS directly, with Guiguts help of course. I have not used ppgen (to generate html/css code), and would not be able to help you with that path to PPing. There is a lot to learn, something new with almost every book, but you have a guarantee that PPing will remain a rewarding challenge even after dozens (or hundreds!) of books.

LCantoni -- Happy to help with music projects only. I work in Windows, using Guiguts for text/HTML processing, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Irfanview for image processing, and Finale for music transcription. For music-specific help, see the DP Music Guidelines, or post in the Music Team forum, or PM me.

throth -- I am happy to help with English language projects, excluding Periodicals and Drama. I use Guiguts, Irfanview and Xnview under Windows and am happy with tables and monochrome illustrations. I use HTML only so no LaTeX or TEI. UK based.

thegaul -- New to PP? A bit confused, maybe? I was when I started. If you would like some assistance, I am happy to help. I work with English and French language projects, fiction or non-fiction, but not with Music, Drama or hard sciences. I use Guiguts for text and HTML, Dreamweaver for HTML and CSS, GIMP and Irfanview for images. I know nothing of TEI, Latex or RST.

mannyack -- I am happy to help with English language projects. I use Guiguts, gimp, Irfanview, and XnView under Windows. USA based, usually. I know nothing of LaTex, RST, TEI.

Fay Dunn Happy to help with projects in any language - as long as you are fluent in the language! You can write to me in English or French, (I'll answer in English though). I use Guiguts, Gimp and Geeqie in Ubuntu (have used Windows in the past). I've an IT background, but am tolerably literate - which is why I enjoy PPing. UK based.

BookBuff -- I am unable to mentor at this time, but am open to answer questions on HTML and CSS. I am conversant in English only. I am very fluent in HTML, and familiar with irfanview, but am out of date with guiguts, and xnview. I have not used ppgen. I live in Hamilton, Montana (USA) as a time zone reference. Please send me a PM if you have a question.

PP Mentors currently not available

fvandrog -- Old time PPer, familiar with Guiguts, a number of scripts written by various DPers to facilitate PPing. Knowledge of HTML and CSS -- dislike of tables. Native language is Dutch, I do some German and a little French. Can be reached by PM, email and Jabber.

spjf -- **Currently away from DP** I'm happy to help with anything but periodicals, and music. I live in Australia so there may be a time delay in responses.

shabam -- **Current unavailable due to other commitments** I know HTML and CSS very well. I can be found in Jabber often. You can also PM me and I will get back very quick. I love to work with the format heavy projects. I hate illustrations.

Brownfox--Sorry, severe attack of Real Life means I can't mentor at the moment--I've done most things - I'm fond of tables and family trees. Sorry, I don't do TEI or LaTeX. Contact me by Jabber or PM.

claybits -- **Currently unavailable due to other commitments--will return to service ASAP** Familiar with most everything PP (NO LaTEX!). Can help with HTML, XHTML, CSS and guiguts. Willing to tackle footnotes, tables, illustrations. I mostly PP science and engineering texts, with a sprinkling of religion, history, and anthropology. PM or e-mail is best to contact me.

dcortesi -- No longer current on these topics: -- MacOS -- Guiguts -- CSS (everything I knew about these, I put the PPTools/Guiguts and CSS_Cookbook wiki pages where hopefully others are keeping them up to date).

hdmtrad -- I'm currently taking a break: -- I'm happy to help with HTML, CSS, GuiGuts, epub, and other general questions. I've some experience with French and English books and love footnotes and indexes.

lostpaces -- Not specialist with anything, but what I don't know, we'll find out together.

Frau SmaCurrently taking a break. For German-language help, contact Gorok. I'm willing to do whatever I can to convince more German-speaking people of the fact (it is a fact!) that PP is the most fun, creative and generally coolest activity at DP! I work on a Mac and use Guiguts. I can tackle just about anything not-horribly-complex, though I won't do LaTeX or TEI.

GorokCurrently taking a break. I can help you with HTML, CSS, images, GuiGuts and of course general PP questions. And I speak German and have some experience with German books.

readbueno I am a keen ppgen.py user with 20+ books posted to PG. I am conversant with both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. I am prepared to help with both English and Spanish projects and use ppspell.py, pptxt.py pphtml.py and Bookloupe. I use both Irfanview and Imagemagick for Illustrations. No Music, Maths or Hard Science nor Poetry.

rubycon Unfortunately, I'm not currently able to take on any new PPing students. I am still available to current and former students if they need me. Happy to help out with anything, from single questions to walkthroughs of whole projects. Text and/or htm versions, using Guiguts, CSS and XHTML, image processing, weird and wonderful formatting, footnotes, poetry, pretty much anything. Though please, please, please not LaTeX.... :D A PM is probably the best way to get hold of me initially.

sigogglin -- I am currently on hiatus from mentoring. I've done a good bit of PPing on Windows, so I can help with guiguts, HTML, CSS, and image processing. I'm willing to answer questions, give advice, and help out as best I can with any part of the PPing process (even with those dreaded tables!). Sorry, no LaTeX or TEI though. The best way to contact me is through PM.

tunelera -- I'm familiar with the Guiguts tutorial and, through playing around with my PP projects, increasingly familiar with HTML and CSS. I've done many projects with footnotes, indexes, and illustrations. I'm available through Jabber and PM.

twinkle -- (Also in Finnish and Swedish) I have basic knowledge of html and have PPed a couple of periodicals.