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Jim Tinsley, PG Whitewasher and DP charter member, created a program (GPL) called jeebies to detect common stealth scanno pairs in e-texts. Right now the program only deals with "he/be" pairs, but can be expanded to other pairs.

This program is used by Jim to check existing e-texts and ones that he reviews. The biggest use is by Post-Processors and Verifiers as an extra sanity check.

Note: Distributed Proofreaders also provides an online version of Jeebies, rewritten in Python and renamed ppjeeb. It is available on our Post-Processing Workbench as part of the PPtext tool.


jeebies binaries for Windows and macOS, as well as the most up-to-date source code, can be downloaded from the Guiguts tools/jeebies directory. The binaries are bundled as part of Guiguts releases.


Jeebies checks for "he/be" errors in a PG English-language text.

Usage is: jeebies [-p] [-t] [-e] filename
         where -p = Paranoid  (many likely false positives).
               -t = Tolerant (fewer likely false positives).
               -e = does not Echo the text lines queried.