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Katherine MacLean

Born January 22, 1925, in Montclair, NJ (some sources say Glen Ridge, NJ); daughter of Gordon (a chemical engineer) and Ruth (Crawford) MacLean; married Charles Dye (a writer), 1951 (divorced, 1952)[...]. --Contemporary Authors Online, Gale, 2003.

Sometimes used Charles Dye

  • Cosmic Checkmate 1962 with Charles V. De Vet TX-942-138 on 1981 revision. Astounding March 1958 as Second Game.
  • "The Natives" Science Fiction Stories 1953. PG clearance requested.
  • "The Snowball Effect" Galaxy September 1952. PG clearance requested.
  • "Games" Galaxy March 1953. At PG.
  • "Contagion" Galaxy October 1950. At PG.
  • "Pictures Don't Lie" Galaxy August 1951. PG clearance requested.

-- Main.GregWeeks - 05 Sep 2006