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Charles Dye

US author 1927-1955. Married to Katherine MacLean 1951-1952.

Watch out as it might be pseudonym for Katherine MacLean. Best evidence indicates none of the Future publications are by Katherine MacLean. No entry in St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers or Contemporary Authors.

  • "Regeneration" 1951 September 1951 Future combined with Science Fiction Stories. At PG.
  • "Time Killer" Future May 1951
  • "Momentum" Future July 1951. PG clearance requested.
  • "Because of the Stars" Future July 1952
  • "The Aeropause" Future July 1953
  • "Double-Talk" Future September 1953
  • "Prisoner in the skull" 1952 RE-68-648
  • "The Man Who Staked the Stars" Planet Stories July 1952. really by Katherine MacLean. At PG.
  • "Syndrome Johnny" Galaxy July 1951. really by Katherine MacLean. At PG.