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OmniPage is an OCR software program, usable with Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems.

This program is available for Windows and MacOS X. Retail price for either version is $500 US. (They also make an "entry level" version for $150, which appears to be for Windows only.

(The mac version hasn't been updated since 2002. I (Laurawisewell) have heard that it isn't easy to get it working on the latest Mac OS, especially if you want to run it from a non-administrator account.)

OmniPage Pro is very good at recognizing "normal" typefaces, but training it for something like blackletter is frustrating, and possibly pointless, because you cannot disable its built-in patterns.

One nice thing you can do is create customized output filters. For example, you can make one for plain text with line breaks preserved, and save it as "textw"; then when you are exporting plain text you can select it from the list of formats. All export filters, such as RTF, can be customized in this way, and the changes are global (as opposed to being saved for each project only).