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From time to time, there may be words or phrases used in the Annual Reports that are no longer acceptable. As some of the proofreaders will be members of the NNGA, they will have some insight into these matters. I have advised the NNGA that the words/phrases will remain as they were published, but a list of Errata can be added to the beginning of the e-texts. When a proofreader locates one of these phrases, they can post it to the Project thread. If it has a global consequence, it can be added to this Wiki.

Known Errata that may affect multiple Reports

Cultivar Registry In some Annual Reports, the phrase Cultivar Registry was used to describe the NNGA Cultivar Inventory Database. If the Annual Report contains this phrase, a Transcriber's Note will need to be added explaining that this phrase should read as Cultivar Inventory or Cultivar Inventory Database. The Cultivar Registry is an International registry of all known botanical nomenclature (plant names).

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