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This is to test out ideas for using the wiki to negotiate the distribution of music notation.

The reason for using the wiki is that it seems unwieldy to try and use an external program in conjunction with the proofing interface... it's just not designed for what we want to do.

Here's the way I envision this working: A project is created in the normal manner on DP. The PM also creates a wiki page for the project, with a link to each page of music and a link to an empty MusicXML data page. Users may browse through the pages of music and pick one or more to work on. When the user wants to sign out a page (or pages) they edit the wiki with a note by the pages they want to sign out. Then, they download the music images and use their own preferred MusicXML compatible notation system to notate it. When they have completed the notation and converted it to MusicXML, that data is pasted into the empty MusicXML data page.

At that point, if we wanted, another user could download the code, import it into their own program, and verify its accuracy. They could then make and note any changes.

When all pages in a project are completed, they can be combined by a music post processor, who can do final tweaking of the layout for the pdf version. (I have to check and see if there are easy ways to append MusicXML files to each other, or we may have to assign things one "piece" at a time.)

Here's a sample of how it would look:

The "output" pages will show up as red links until they are filled with the MusicXML data. When that is done, the typesetter can remove the "claim", because it will be clear that the page has been done. The wiki system also does a nice job of keeping track of who did what.

I'm going to start a test project now, with one of my PP books that could really use some nicer typesetting: MusicXML-Jubilee Let's hold off of actually doing any proofing on it right now, until we have had some more discussion on how to make it work.

If you have suggestions of how to improve this, feel free to add your comments below. Or, even edit the above. Thanks to the genius of wiki, we can always revert to any previous state.