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DPers can use this post to request scans/text of missing pages. If all this information is updated on one page, it will be easier to help find missing pages.

Using the Missing Pages Wiki

To add a request

  • Add an entry to the list of missing pages - clone one of the existing entries
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To claim a request

  • Update the entries you can supply with *Claimed by username*
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  • Send a PM to the requester saying you can help supply their missing pages.

When a request has been fulfilled

  • Upload the pages/illustrations to dpscans - email db-req @ pgdp.net with the details of the missing pages/illustrations - include the projectID & title. The squirrels will repair the project in the database. You must do this before the project is posted. Please don't let broken projects be archived.
  • Delete any entries which have been fulfilled
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See also: Missing Page Finders - Look for missing pages at volunteers' libraries

List of Missing Page Requests.


Send Aldarondo a Private Message

A MAN FOR THE AGES by IRVING BACHELLER (1919) Missing pages 88 & 89, with possibly others. claimed by zemkat


Send camomiletea a Private Message

cbgrf -- Send cbgrf a Private Message.

Los Favores del Mundo by JUAN RUIZ DE ALARCON I am missing folio 40 and 41, which should be between pages 41 and 42. Thanks, C

DaveKline -- Send DaveKline a Private Message.

dclarke884 -- Send dclarke884 a Private Message.

Title Marion and Augusta Author Emma Leslie Pub. Info S.W. Partridge & Co. 1884 Need Pages 15 and 16

Title A Kut Prisoner Author Bishop, H.C.W. Pub. Info John Lane 1920. Need pp48 and illustration facing (Elmey Bey)

TitleThe Reign of Queen Vctoria Author Chambers's School history of the Victorian Era Pub. Info W. & R. Chambers 1907 Need pages 29, 30, 31, 32

Title The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War Author Weetman W.C.C Pub. Info Thos. Forman & Sons 1920. Need The fold out map 'General Map of the Western Front' at the back of the book. Claimed by Nicola_K

De2164 -- Send De2164 a Private Message.

Dervish -- Send Dervish a Private Message.

dvdeug -- Send dvdeug a Private Message.

From Bad to Worse, Hard to Beat and a Terrible Christmas, by J. A. Phillips. (I'm working from the Canadiana pages; I've already tried to get it through interlibrary loan and the microfilm listed there is the same as the ones from Canadiana.) I'm looking for pages 10-11, 73, 121-124, 139-140, 179-180, 200, 203-204, 212-213, 215-216, and 220. If you just get a few, 10 and 11 are pretty blurry and 212 and 213 are completely worthless; the rest are mostly stuff dissappearing into the inner margin.

H.P. Lovecraft's Writings in the United Amateur, by HPL. 197x copyright. Page 39 is missing.

dyingling -- Send dyingling a Private Message.

Title The Light of the Star In work by zemkat Author Garland, Hamlin Pub. Info Harper & Brothers, 1904 Need Scans of page 172 (the right side was cut off by GP). There is also decorative artwork at the beginning and end of each chapter. If, after seeing th ebook in person, you think that higher-than-72dpi scans of these pages would improve the html book, then please scan those pages too. Thanks! [Edit: Page #. Oops.]

Title Money Magic In work by zemkat Author Garland, Hamlin Pub. Info Harper & Brothers, 1907 Need High resolution scans of all images. There should be eight: frontispiece and facing pp. 36, 108, 170, 222, 252, 332, and 352.

Title The Tyranny of the Dark Claimed by garvint Author Garland, Hamlin Pub. Info Harper & Brothers, 1905 Need Scan of page 73 (just text, lower left is blocked in my copy), and high resolution scan of the two illlustrations (frontispiece and p. 37).

Estreya -- Send Estreya a Private Message.

Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad Pub. Info W. B. Conkey Company, London-New York-Chicago. Notes I believe this is a hard-cover book of stories from the periodical "Our Young Folks" and is dated around 1865 to 1895. This is NOT the Dorothy Canfield Fisher book. -- I don't know if there is a title page but if there is one, mine is missing. My copy starts with "The Kittens' Stepmother" story which does have the title "Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad" at the top of it. -- the end of "Tippy, The Firemen's Dog" and the start of "Nine Little Foxes" (appears to be just one leaf; unpaginated but about eight pages in).

Fraser-Cunliffe -- Send Fraser-Cunliffe a Private Message.

Title Edward Barnett, or the Earl's Victims Author Aconite, Tobias Pub. Info 1855 Need Clean scans of Page 45 (original has a faded spot) Note Holding project in p1 Unavailable until replacement image can be found--no rush claimed by Nicola_K

Title Sparkling gems of race knowledge worth reading. A compendium of valuable information and wise suggestions that will inspire noble effort at the hands of every race-loving man, woman, and child. Compiler James T. Haley. Pub. Info Nashville, Tenn., J.T. Haley 6 Co., 1897. Need Clean scans of all illustrations/photographs Note: Retread project, in progress on DP

Title The Choctaw Freedmen and the Story of Oak Hill Industrial Academy Author Flickinger, Robert Elliott Pub. Info Presbyterian Board for Missions for Freedmen, Pittsburgh, 1914 Need Clean scans of all photographs Note: Retread project, in progress on DP

Title Criminal man, - claimed shabam Author Lombroso, Gina,1872-1944. Published New York London, G. P. Putnam’s sons, 1911. Need Page 14, 30, 40 and 54. Also, could you check to see if there is an illustration on or near page 6. The list of illustrations has a listing for an illustration on page 6, however, the UMDL book has page 6 with no illustration

Title Pictures and Stories from Uncle Tom's Cabin Published John P. Jewett & Co., 1853. Need Page 16, 17

 See project for additional details. 

Title: Junius unmasked: or Thomas Paine the author of the letters of Junius, and the Declaration of independence ... Author: [Moody, Joel] 1834-1914. Note: Published anonymously. Published: Washington, D. C., J. Gray & Co., 1872. Need: Scan of Page 207 - starts with "a just parity of reason,..." The first letters of each line in Paragraph 4 ("Besides, what have we to do...) are missing from the UMDL scans. Note Holding project in p1 Unavailable until replacement image can be found--no rush

gmargo -- Send gmargo a Private Message. Young Peoples' History of the War With Spain, by Prescott Holmes. Henry Altemus Company (projectID3f9dd0b312e05)

A few of the images of illustrations are apparently photo quality, and did not come out well on the OCR images. High quality scans needed of these pages: OcrFileNumber/BookPageNumber = 001/preface, 003/5, 005/7, 030/32, 117/119, 174/176, 179/181

goofball -- Send goofball a Private Message.

Lippincott, November 1873

This periodical is missing pages 555-556. claimed by Nicola_K

greentea -- Send greentea a Private Message.

Ultima Thule, or A Summer in Iceland, Volumes 1 & 2, by Richard F. Burton. ---Claimed by dewt William Nimmo (London), 1875 edition. Need higher res scans of maps and photos, and would also be nice to check for other missing items (ToC in second volume? Index?).

Life of St. Francis of Assisi by Paul Sabatier Here's the version that we have now: title page, verso It has a few smudges and flaky parts that are present in all three copies (published different years, but are same edition, by same publisher) that I have access to. Please PM me if you have access to a different (even much later) edition of this book, and can potentially help us fill in the missing text. Just need spot checks -- no scanning required.  :)


Title: Anciennes loix des francois conservees dans les coutumes angloises recueillies par Littleton Author: Thomas Littleton Edition Info: A Rouen : Chez le Boucher; pub. 1779 Missing: Volume I of this text was not included by the PM -- if someone could download it (from the IA/CL) and check it for MP's, that would be great. (If you would prepare it and manage it, even better, but I'll do it if you don't wish to.)  :D

Title: The Grapes of New York -- claimed by ortonmc Author: Hedrick, U. P. Edition Info: Albany: J.B. Lyon and Co. 1908. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations. The copy available to me is missing the frontispiece and the plate opposite p. 186, so if somebody else could find those it would be appreciated; please PM me if you can help.--ortonmc

Title: The Plums of New York -- claimed by ortonmc Author: Hedrick, U. P. Edition Info: Albany: J.B. Lyon and Co. 1911. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

Title: The Cherries of New York -- claimed by ortonmc Author: Hedrick, U. P. Edition Info: Albany: J.B. Lyon and Co. 1911. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

Title: American Pomology Author: Warder, J. A. Edition Info: New York: Orange and Judd Company. 1867 Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

Title: Domestic animals: history and description of the horse, mule, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, and farm dogs Author: Allen, R. L. Edition Info: New York: Orange Judd. 1865. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

Title: El Kab Author: J.E. Quibell Edition Info: London: Bernard Quaritch. 1898. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

Title: Herd Record of the Association of Breeders of Thorough-Bred Neat Stock: Short Horns [1863] Author: Association of Breeders of Thorough-Bred Neat Stock Edition Info: Hartford: Press of Williams, Wiley, and Waterman. 1863. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations on 033, 058.

Title: Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee: a bee keeper's manual [1853] Author: Langstroth, L.L. Edition Info: Northampton: Hopkins, Bridgman & Co. 1853. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: Manual of American grape-growing Author: Hedrick, U. P. Edition Info: New York: The Macmillan Company, 1919. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all photographs.

Title: Mysteries of bee-keeping explained [1853] Author: Quinby, M. Edition Info: New York: C.M. Saxton, Agricultural Book Publisher, 1853. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

Title: New observations on the natural history of bees Author: Huber, Francois Edition Info: Edinburgh: John Anderson; London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1806. Missing: Higher resolution scan of illustration.

Title: Right use of lime in soil improvement Author: Agee, Alva Edition Info: New York: Orange Judd Co. 1919. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: Science and practice in farm cultivation Author: Buckman, James Edition Info: London: Robert Hardwicke,, 1865. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: Sheep, swine, and poultry Author: Jennings, Robert Edition Info: Philadelphia: John E. Potter and Company, 1864. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: Soil Culture Author: Walden, J. H. Edition Info: New York: Robert Sears, 1858. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: The Elements of Agriculture Author: Waring, George E. Edition Info: New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1854. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: The Hawaiian Islands Author: "The Department of Foreign Affairs" Edition Info: Honolulu: The Hawaiian Gazette Company, 1896. Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: The Odes of Anacreon --claimed by Chrome Author: Thomas Moore (illustrated by Girodet de Roussy) Edition Info: London: John Camden Hotten. (Strangeway and Walden, printers.) Missing: Higher resolution scans of illustrations.

Title: The stock-feeder's manual -- "The Chemistry of Food in Relation to the Breeding and Feeding of Livestock" Author: Cameron, Charles Alexander Edition Info: London and New York: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, 1868. Missing: Higher resolution scan of the illustration.

Title: A description of the bar-and-frame hive Author: Munn, W. Augustus. Edition Info: London: John Van Voorst, 1844. Missing: Higher resolution scans of all illustrations.

grythumn -- Send grythumn a Private Message.

Hall's Distiller 1813 The readex microform is missing pages 242+243, 2 pages of patent listings. This is quite rare.. this will only likely be found in Special Collections at large libaries.. UDel, A&M, Yale, etc. A good photocopy of the water-raising machine facing page 223 would be nice, if possible. claimed by Wrenn

Halamus -- Send Halamus a Private Message.

jhauser -- Send jhauser a Private Message.

JHowse -- Send JHowse a Private Message.

Title Spalding's Official Baseball Guide - 1915. Editor John B. Foster Need page 348. While this book is available on the Library of Congress site, this page is mistakenly cropped before the end. All pages *before the title page* I do have some of these but one of the pages ends with a continuation to a page that is not available on LoC. All are unnumbered, which is why I'm asking for them all :) - claimed by shabam

jnik -- Send jnik a Private Message.

JulietS -- Send JulietS a Private Message.

St Nicholas Magazine, April, 1878 - pages 383, 384 claimed by jandar

McClure's Magazine September, 1908 - page 575-576 missing bottom corner. Part of illustration on 575 and text on 576 from below the line reading "dence it fell to me to play it exactly fifty years" - Claimed by shabam

Barnavannen, vol. 22, No. 20 May 18, 1905 - the entire 8 page issue

Barnavannen, vol. 22, No. 23 June 8, 1905 - the entire 8 page issue

keichwa -- Send keichwa a Private Message.

Title Endres Tuchers Baumeisterbuch der Stadt Nurnberg (1862); google id: 2yQSLVSTFuAC Author ed. by Matthias Lexer Need Pages 106-107; 138, 272. claimed by Nicola_K

laurawisewell -- Send laurawisewell a Private Message.

lpryor -- Send lpryor a Private Message.

lucy24 -- Send lucy24 a Private Message.

macka -- Send macka a Private Message.

Title Brendan's Fabulous Voyage. Author Bute, John Patrick Crichton Stuart (3rd Marquess of) Need Pages 18-19. PM gone walkabout.

Malcolm Farmer -- Send Malcolm a Private Message.

Title: Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, January 1, 1848 Need: pages 1 & 2 -- someone has razored out part of the first leaf of my copy, so these two pages are incomplete. This is not urgent, I have several years worth of other issues in hand that can be scanned first but it would be nice to ensure a complete run for the year. claimed by Nicola_K

Miller -- Send Miller a Private Message.

Yr Ynys Unyg; Or, The Lonely Island:

TIA's Children's Library - PMCL_UF00002056.zip

Pages 349 and 350 have been partially torn out and therefore need replacements finding.

[nebogipfel adds that all three listings in OCLC (original, microfilm, and page scans) are very likely the same copy, the one mentioned here.]

-- Claimed by dewt

murraypaul -- Send murraypaul a Private Message.

Title Oliver Cromwell - Claimed by shabam Author John Morley Pub. Info London, MacMillan and Co., Ltd, 1901

Source Current scans are from Internet Archive/Canadian Libraries Need Pages 506 and 507 (in the index between M and R)

Title Memoirs of the Court and Cabinet of George the Third Vol 1 --claimed by audreyii Author The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos Pub. Info London, Hurst and Blackett, 1853 Source Current scans are from Internet Archive/Canadian Libraries Need Pages from the front matter. The first page of the introduction and the last page of the ToC are present, but nothing between.

ortonmc -- Send ortonmc a Private Message.

No current MP requests

puppernutter -- Send puppernutter a Private Message.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 1, January 1731 - Claimed by shabam

This periodical is missing pages 34-43 (the scans at ILEJ that are supposed to be for these pages are actually repeats of 32 and 33).


rfrank47 --

Title: A Little Maid of Old Maine [Curtis, pub: Penn 1920] Need: Illustrations on pages 77 and 175

richyfourtytwo -- Send richyfourtytwo a Private Message.

Title Sieben Jahre in Sud-Afrika Vol. 2 - claimed by shabam Author Holub, Emil Pub. Info Alfred Holder, Wien 1881 Need If someone finds this book, it would also be nice (though not required) to get grayscale scans of all the images. These we could also need for Vol. 1

Title Anleitung zur quantitativen Chemischen Analyse Author Fresenius, R. Pub. Info Vieweg und Sohn, Braunschweig 1854 Need A part of page 526 is missing.

sankarrukku -- Send sankarrukku a Private Message.




Need Scan of Page No.24.

Sigal -- Send Sigal a Private Message.

sihaya -- Send sihaya a Private Message.

Title The vampire nemesis and other weird stories of the China coast Author Creighton, Vernon F., Mrs. (although the cover of the book uses the psuedonym "Dolly" Pub. Info Bristol : J.W. Arrowsmith : 1905. 190 p. ; 16 cm. Source Current scans are from Google. Need Only ONE page missing!! Page 179.

Possible sources for missing page I've found that the book is available in the Havard university library. Here's the Hollis (http://holliscatalog.harvard.edu/) catalogue entry for the book:

HOLLIS number [004654652];
Creighton, Vernon F., Mrs. 
The vampire nemesis and other weird stories of the China coast / by Dolly.

The book is also listed in the New York Public Library Res Library.

susanskinner -- Send susanskinner a Private Message.

Stories and Sketches by H.S. Caldwell, printed by John Lovell, Montreal, 1872.

Page 82 is badly printed in the scans that I have and some of the text is illegible. I need the text from lines 8-16 "picture by his experience ... book he had purchased."

Vasa -- Send Vasa a Private Message.

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