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Occasional Tributes to the Early DP Pioneers

On occasion, folks will publish short, but very loving and meaningful reminiscences in the forums about some contribution that someone made that helped get DP rolling and turn into the vital and productive (albeit with longer queues than some would like) organization and system that it is today. With threads being archived on occasion, or becoming otherwise inaccessible (such as the forum search tool not working ;)) here is another place where some of that "history" can be preserved.


Posted 29 Oct 2006 13:27 by JulietS

A very happy 5th DP birthday to Aldarondo!
And some DP history for those of you who haven't been around long enough to remember...
Charles Aldarondo was a very important figure in the early days of DP. In the summer (June-August approx) of 2002 he became active both as a provider of content (there weren't very many in those days) and in helping charlz with coding. Before aldarondo fixed it, PM's had to manually retrieve abandoned pages and manually move projects from one round to the next. aldarondo helped charlz with the move from the server in charlz' house to one at the Internet Archive. In the process they cleaned up a lot of the code and made things more robust.
When DP was mentioned on the front page of slashdot on November 8, 2002, aldarondo was the one person available to deal with the assault on the forums. When I got home that evening I pitched in as well, as did a number of the other "old-timers". aldarondo dealt with all the little code and system problems, charlz scanned madly with his high-speed scanner, and aldarondo and I attempted to keep up with the forums. It was a very exciting time. I think the title of Site Administrator was invented just before slashdot (although it referred to a special degree of access to the site and wasn't used in the forums right away) and aldarondo was the 2nd such (after charlz, the founder). They added me shortly after slashdot.
When it quickly became clear that we needed a post-processing pool, aldarondo implemented it. I've lost count of the other innovations he brought to the DP code, but they were many.
When PG decided to buy DP another high-speed scanner setup, it went to aldarondo. I think that happened in January of 2003 or so. He madly scanned boxes of books that I sent him and velkvelk PM'd most of them. Somehow he had the scanner and cutter and computer set up in his bedroom along with all of his other stuff. And, in the midst of all that, he met a lovely young lady and they were engaged and married. The scanner had to go, so it was shipped to me and is the setup that I'm still using. Married life left much less time for DP, so aldarondo gradually reduced his responsibilities both as a site admin and as a developer.
We still see aldarondo around here sometimes, proofing and adding generally to the site. We should all give him honor and credit for the crucial role he played in making the DP that we know and love today.

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