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Guiprep is a perl script by the author of Guiguts that is used to prepare OCR text for uploading to DP.

Recent versions can be found on the GitHub guiprep releases page. Guiprep works with Strawberry Perl, which is also recommended for use with Guiguts.

The changes in version .41d are:

  1. Added option to tidy up or mark dubious spaced curly quotes (see below for close single quotes)
  2. Added option to fix spaced close single curly quotes (not mark as unknown) - leave unchecked if your book has apostrophes at the start of words, e.g. 'orrible

The changes in version .41c are:

  1. Fixed failure to mark empty files with [Blank page] when they contain a utf BOM
  2. Fixed '@INC' error message and failure to reload settings with recent Perl versions
  3. Renamed winprep.exe to winprep40.exe to make it clear it's not running the latest version
  4. Added run_guiprep41c.bat to support running it under Windows without a proper Perl installation

Newer versions are announced from time to time in the guiprep forum thread.

Each download zip contains the guiprep perl script and supporting data files. It also contains a change log (changelog.html) and a manual (guiprep.html, current as of guiprep .40).

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