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This page has been modified for release .41e, whose release is imminent. For previous versions of this page, click on "View History" above.

Guiprep is a perl script by the author of Guiguts that is used to prepare OCR text for uploading to DP.

Recent versions can be found on the GitHub guiprep releases page. Guiprep works with Strawberry Perl, which is also recommended for use with Guiguts.

The salient changes in version .41e (May 2021) are:

  1. Remove FTP tab. Neither DP nor DPC support the use of the FTP tab.
  2. Make fcannos.bin platform independent (which was the only portion of guiprep that was not platform independent).
  3. Move scrollbar to right-hand side of Select Option tab.
  4. Remove pause from run_guiprep.bat.
  5. Filter form feeds from files. (Tesseract support.)
  6. Make "Convert Windows 1252 codepage glyphs 80-9F" default to off. (UTF-8.)
  7. Make removal of headers and footers utf safe.

The changes in version .41d (August 2020) are:

  1. Added option to tidy up or mark dubious spaced curly quotes (see below for close single quotes)
  2. Added option to fix spaced close single curly quotes (not mark as unknown) - leave unchecked if your book has apostrophes at the start of words, e.g. 'orrible

Newer versions are announced from time to time in the guiprep forum thread. That forum is also the best place for Q&A regarding guiprep. If you would like to report a bug or request changes be made to the package, please enter them into github.

Each download zip contains the guiprep perl script and supporting data files. It also contains a change log (changelog.html) and a manual. Prior to version .41e the manual was guiprep.html; as of .41e it was renamed to guiprep-userguide.html.

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