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As of April 2020, after 8 years of scarcely being edited, this page is not being used as the basis for current Guiguts development.


This page was used for a brief period to track defects, features, and enhancements to Guiguts to improve the PP experience and ease-of-use.

Please feel free to contribute to this document. See also the related Guiprep Enhancements page. Driving developers: hmonroe as of February 2011. Previously, crb11, vls, cpeel. New developers are welcome. The trackers for bugs and feature requests can be found at SourceForge Bug Tracker and SourceForge Feature Requests.

Feature status legend

  • S16 000000.png indicates the feature is included in an official release
  • S16 0000ff.png indicates the feature has been checked into SVN and is available for download from Sourceforge
  • S16 00ff00.png indicates the feature is coded in someone's sandbox
  • S16 ffff00.png indicates that some developer has vouched for the feature and is willing to code it or is in the process of doing so

Distilled features

These are some features/changes that were distilled from the discussion forum (with an attempt to attribute the thought to the poster with a link to the post where applicable). Feel free to add to these lists but don't modify the status unless you're the developer. * * Discussion threads: Guiguts wishlist, Help with footnotes in GG. There's also this guiguts - Gui frontend to gutcheck and other post processing 114 page monster, which hasn't yet (2nd May 2008) been mined for additions to this page. It's also unclear whether or not the tests being referred to in this thread (GutWrench and GutAxe in guiguts) have been incorporated into the current version of GG. Similarly unclear is whether all the additions made to this still active and 70-plus page long thread Stealth Scannos are being systematically captured and incorporated somehow into GG.


  • S16 00ff00.png GE9 File menu recent files should be accessed by 1-2-3-4 etc like the External menu - [L - E]
  • S16 00ff00.png GE23 need another keyboard accelerator for ascii boxes - b is already taken - [M - E]
  • S16 000000.png GE25 There's a nasty bug that arises if any of the proofers/foofers had a name with a "." in it. Workarounds include changing all .s and @s in proofers' names to _s. This has been fixed by correcting the regex - [H - E/A]
  • S16 00ff00.png Enable setting an entire string to run for the various externals, instead of just specifying the executable. This removes the need to create a shell/batch file to run commands with arguments (like image viewer settings). The intermediary dialog includes a Browse button to select an actual file if desired.

Requests from the forum

The following features were requested in various posts in the forum.

Some of these have been prioritized and evaluated for programming difficulty. The following metric has been used: [X - Y] where:

  • X = Priority: High, Medium, Low
  • Y = Difficulty: Hard, Average, Easy, ? - Unknown


  • S16 000000.png Guiguts is hard to install. This has been addressed by adding Windows and Mac executables, for which there is no need to install perl. However, it creates a need to find and properly install the Windows and Mac executables.


  • GE1 In general, I'd expect (and like) to be able to close a dialog box by pressing Esc. The Search and Fixup dialogs are examples, but I expect it's true of most of them that they don't close on Esc. (It's very annoying that neither esc nor alt-f4 are allowed on the goto page numbed dialog, forcing me to use the mouse.) - [M - A/H]
  • GE2 I would personally like to have keyboard accelerators (and preferably F-keys) for the Search functions like "find next /**/ block", but maybe other people don't use these much. - [M - E]
  • GE3 I'd also like a "find next /anything anything/ block" - [M - A]
  • GE4 In general I would expect hotkeys to be visibly marked on the dialogs (us. via underscores), and discussed on a help popup page accessible directly from that dialog. - [M - E]
  • GE5 Colorizing any html markup (aka syntax highlighting) would be nice. Here's how TextPad makes it look: - [L - H]

  • S16 000000.png GE6 Page Marker Corruption. If you have the yellow page break things shown (right click on the pg num)then accidentally delete one of the yellow characters from the text, it causes problems (with ALL page numbers.) Similar corruption can occur if you move a page marker up and then down. There are other circumstances too, which are harder to isolate. Steps to reproduce are in a post somewhere, need to go find it (I think you mean this one) -- something like: show the markers, select one, move it down down down a bit, maybe right too, then back up or left. - [H - ?]
  • GE7 I would find a grep tool useful. The ability to display (or count) all the lines with match certain text or regexes. (May be subsumed by GE29) - [H - E]
  • GE8 (A question, but should gg do image renumbering? See the recent discussion on this topic elsewhere.)
  • S16 000000.png GE10 Various of the functions in GG which perform searches only work correctly if you haven't changed any of the checkboxes on the search&replace dialog recently. Eg search-scanno-mispelled races through everything if you've left the completeword setting on! - [L - A]
  • S16 000000.png GE11 Double click from WF results is dependent on the case insensitive switch check box(!) - [L - A]
  • S16 000000.png GE12 For some strange reason I have had difficulties reliably setting "bookmarks" via the keyboard (with ctrl-shift-[1-5]). But it always works when I use the mouse (which I hate, because I'm not very good at controlling it.) - [L - A/E]
  • GE13 When typing in the main window, when you get to the right hand edge, the display should move (so you can see what you are typing!) - [ M - A/H]
  • GE14 Could GG keep a log of all changes made? (See also the item below re undo and redo - ED1) - [M - A/?]
  • GE15 When you make changes to the bin file (eg by moving page separators) why doesn't it show "edited" in the window title? Do I need to save, or is this being done automatically? (Relates to the Page Number corruption issue.) - [L - E]
  • GE16 It would be nice if when in a dialog you press a button that doesn't do anything, it gave a bong (so that I know no harm has come from a keypress). An alternative approach might be to ensure that all buttons give some visible status of having done something. - [M - A]
  • S16 000000.png GE17 Adjust page labels, Goto Page Label, Adjust page markers, Set scanno file, and See Proofers should all be avail from the menus. Everything that is accessible from the status bar should be accessible from the menus. - [M - E] (NB: Adjust page labels is now on the menu. Do not agree on the other ones. HM) [I agree with the original request, what harm does it do to put them in the menus? They're more accessible there.]
  • GE19 Sometimes I manage to type ctrl chars which get saved as characters in the file. Not sure quite how this happens. ctrl-f, ctrl-a, ctrl-c, ctrl-v etc (maybe be related to AllChars: - [L - A]
  • GE20 If there are error msgs on guiguts console, should GG alert the user? What should the user do? (Note that for some users there is no console, just the GUI window -- it depends on how GG is started and possibly on what platform.) - [L - ?]
  • GE22 On a related point, some explanation of what the .bak files are, and how and when one might use them, would be useful.
  • S16 000000.png GE24 A check for unused CSS lines would be nice; then I could with confidence delete the ones I wasn't going to need. See also GE26. - [H/M - ?]
  • S16 000000.png GE26 Would it be possible to include the ppvtxt and ppvhtml tools in Guiguts? - [M/H - ?]
  • GE27 How about adding a feature to offer turning the ' and " into their curly versions? - [L - H]
  • GE28 In general, ctrl-A (for select all) doesn't work in many places. (I've just wanted to cut and paste all of the help output from Help-Regex, for instance, and had to use a mouse.) - [M - ?]
  • GE29 This is a request for a whole new flexible feature. It would be a very powerful addition to GG, but I think the component parts are already coded, so it should be relatively easy to produce. I'd like to be able to run a report against a regex. I'd like the output to be in a separate window, and similar to the GC output, in that each hit would be summarised on a line, left-clicking on the line would move us to that line in the main window, and right-clicking would remove that line from the report. The regex could be simple, such as Freda, which would list every line containing Freda, or it could be more complex and include () around subexpressions, in which case the report would sort the output by the contents of that subexpression. So where Fri?eda would report on all lines containing either Freda or Frieda, (Fri?eda) would produced a categorised report, with the hits for Frieda first, and then the hits for Freda. This would be particularly useful for handling projects where the GC count is in the thousands. We could search for \b(\w+)[\p{IsPunct}]{2,} to get a categorised listing of all of the various "words" which preceded double punctuation, for instance. As a nice to have, it would be good if it were possible to have multiple grouped subexpressions, so that (exp1)blahblah(exp2) etc would work as expected (categorising by exp1, with subcategorisation by exp2). - [H - A/?]
  • S16 000000.png GE30 Autoloading of images when in a new page. It would be nice to be able to scroll through the text and have the images for the current page be loaded. This would require the image viewer program to reuse the existing image viewer instance or it would be unworkable. Because of this it would have to be configurable. (Depends on GE32) - [M - E/A]
  • GE32 When toggling the Unicode -> Sort by setting, the Help entry on the menu is moved from the far right to between Prefs and External for some reason. - [L - ?]
  • S16 000000.png GE33 If you click "Show image" immediately after loading a GG file, you get an error - [M - E/A] (this seems to be fixed in 0.3.17 or earlier)
  • GE34 Could the "See Image" button at the bottom of the main GG window have a (nice easy) keyboard shortcut? I use it all the time.
  • GE35 It would be nice to have a "Save A Copy As..." in addition to "Save As...". This should save the file under a new name just like Save As, but after saving, the file that is open for editing should still be the "old" one, not the new one as it is for Save As. This can be used to save a backup file, and then keep working on the main file afterwards.
  • GE36 It is a convention in many programs that menu items that will open a dialog end with ellipsis, such as "Save As...", "Open...". I think GG should follow this convention. It would be helpful for new users to know which functions can be tried and "explored" without the risk of unwanted changes to the open file.

Selection - Rewrap

  • RW1 It would be very useful if we could use Rewrap on the html too, so wrap long lines so that they are more easily read. At the moment, it seems as if &entities and <tags> are getting ignored when Rewrap checks line length. - [M - A]
--> Historically, this is so the line endings match between the text versions and HTML, making it an easier task to compare the two. This is useful to PPVers, WWers, as well as anyone who might have need to edit the files at a later date, such as the PG errata team. -- Ldavies 14:17, 28 March 2011 (PDT)
  • RW2 There seems to be a bug with how GG handles columns for wrapping. In the preferences I've noticed that if you want a 4 column margin, you have to talk about column 5 (since 1 is the first one), but (my PPVer tells me that) if you rewrap your entire file with the /**/ and /##/ markup, the block margins are what you set them for. It's just when you block rewrap bits of the file that it doesn't work. - [M - A]
  • RW3 If you mark a section with /##/, and use Alt-S-R on it, you get 5 spaces indented. If you then use Alt-S-B on the same bit, it reduces it to 4 spaces. - [M - A]
  • RW4 Could there be an option to choose the rewrapping style? The current style is "greedy", meaning that it tries to get the longest line each time, often leaving very uneven endings. In this thread, two alternatives are discussed, one an algorithm of Knuth's, and one of my own, which aims to make the endings as pretty as possible. - [M/H - ?]


  • S16 000000.png AH1 If you point it at a scannos file instead of a wordlist one, then it hangs. Might be nicer to get a warning message. - [L - E]
  • AH2 A slightly lighter shade of purple for the highlit words would more readable. - [L - E]
  • AH3 The Toggle Scanno Highlighting setting doesn't "stick" (ie, close GG, reopen it, and it's off again) (cf FA4) - [M - E]

Goto Page Number dialog

  • PN1 This dialog doesn't accept Esc or Alt-F4 to close the window (requires mouse - aaagh) SEE GE1 - [M - ?]


  • ED1 Edit-undo and -redo could show the action they're about to do (in brackets) - [M - H/?]
  • S16 000000.png ED2 If you do some actions and then undo them, the undo itself seems to be counted as an action, so that if you later undo, you undo the undo. Instead, could undo shorten the stack of changes, so that subsequent undos don't get confused? This would then work in a similar way to other undo/redo engines, including the way the browsers work. - [M - H/?]

Search & Replace

  • SR1 Can the tab key move the focus from the text field to the next available field (the check boxes)? This would be normal behaviour, and my preferred way to toggle the Regex checkbox for example (tab, tab, tab, space) - [M - E/?]
  • SR2 Personally, I'd find it nice to be able to open the Search Dialog with an F-key, F5, for instance. (A further F5 might hide it.) This compares to Alt-R, downarrow, enter, which isn't nearly so snappy :) - [M - E]
  • SR3 Can we add keyboard accelerators to the buttons on the Search Dialog? Search, Replace, Replace and Find Next, Replace All would all be candidates. - [M - E]
  • SR4 Some kind of visual indicator when a search returns nothing would be nice. ("Not found" appearing for a second or two in some colour on the dialog box, perhaps.) And I'm sometimes a little uncertain just how much of the document has been searched each time (cursor to end of doc, or wrapped too?) but maybe that's just me needing to get used to it. tunelera wrote: The "Search" button blinks if it doesn't find the text being searched for So it does, and that having been explained, I don't personally need this item any longer; however I would point out that the Search button blinking could have many other meanings (I thought it meant "Searching" for instance). - [L - ?]
  • SR6 If you surface the Search Dialog window (by clicking on it say), it would then be nice if the main window were also resurfaced, to save my going digging for that window too. If not at the time when you click on the Search Dialog then at least when you hit Search. Currently the results are displayed in the main window, but if this is hidden then it's not re-surfaced. - [M - E]
  • SR7 When you go back to the Search Dialog window, I think I would like it if the (previous) search text was highlighted. This would mean I could just start typing my search, rather than having to first of all do End,Shift-Home,Delete. - [M (more discussion needed) - E]
  • SR8 Whichever side of the line the little down arrow is (to recall previous searches) it needs to be keyboard accessible. Pressing Down Arrow would be my suggestion. - [M - E/?]
  • SR9 We need better handling of multiple line entry. Could the search text box automatically grow (vertically) if there are several lines of text in it? If not, then can you improve the way it scrolls as you move forwards and backwards over (especially long) search lines? - [M - ?]
  • SR10 A bug - sometimes S&R seems to be highlighting results from the previous search. When this happens I close GG and restart it. Search always then finds the right thing. - [L - ?]
  • SR11 Can we have a way to cancel a search, if you've sent it into a tailspin? Some of my regex were, ah, a little over-recursive! - [L - H/?]
  • SR12 Ctrl-A (select all) should work in the search and replace fields. This is probably true in several other parts of GG too. - [M - ?]
  • S16 000000.png SR13 GG regex doesn't seem to treat \n as \s (searching for "in\sthe" does not seem to find matches with "in\nthe") Ah - I see what's going on here. It's because the search "in\sthe" doesn't mention \n, so "multi-line searching" isn't enabled. When you look for "\n?in\sthe" it works correctly. However, I would suggest this isn't very intuitive. It makes \s a bit useless a lot of the time, because if I want to search for something involving the term \s, by which I mean a space or a new line [ \n]. then I'm clearly wanting a multi-line search. Right now using [\n ] triggers the switch, and \s doesn't, making \s pretty useless.
  • SR14 possibly related to SR10, possibly not: If you search for something, make some changes in the main window (such as deleting a couple of lines, or moving text, and then go back to the search window and click search, the orange highlighting is all messed up. It's as if it isn't aware the content of the main window has changed. - [L - ?]
  • SR15 when searching, the main window interface may need to scroll horizontally in order to display the orange bit (if there are wide lines). Related to GE13 - [M - ?]
  • S16 000000.png SR16 If text in the search or replace fields is highlighted, it's black on dark blue which is 99% illegible. - [M - E]
  • SR17 Create an interface component that would allow selecting of common regexes. Each regex would have a description of what it does and how it could be used. Would be best to have this component easily to update. Need to think about how to integrate the scanno regexes and the interface can be challenging. Needs more brainstorming. - [More discussion necessary]

Find orphaned markup

  • OR1 doesn't like nested spans - [M - ?]
  • S16 000000.png OR2 The find orphan markup dialog itself is misnamed orphan brackets (presumable its older name) - [M - E]
  • OR3 Okay. What exactly is the difference between the Search and the Next buttons? Why do we have two buttons? - [M - E]
  • OR4 How do we know if there are no orphans found? - [M - ?]
  • OR5 It says "/p" - does it mean "/P"? - [M - E]
  • OR6 What about /X and /F? I'd like to check for them too - [M - E]
  • OR7 Can there simply be a check for /anything? One button to check for any orphans of any kind would be nice. - [M - A]
  • OR8 related to OR1, it would be nice if this could cope with nesting eg [** comments] in footnotes. - [M - ?]
  • S16 000000.png OR9 ability to search for <tag> that doesn't have a matching </tag> before another <tag> starts - [M - ?]

Word Frequency


  • WF1 "alpha", "frq", "len" Are unclear. It might be better to group them together with a rectangle, and to call that bit "Sort Order", with radio buttons called "A-Z", "by Frequency" and "by Length" - [M - E]
  • WF2 "suspects" should be called "Show Suspects Only" - [it's "Suspects only" now, does that mean it's fixed?] - [M - E]
  • S16 000000.png WF3 WF double counts some words sometimes (like bunk and bunkhouse) - [L - ?]
  • WF4 When looking at a list of words (sorted A-Z), it would be nice if simply typing a word took you to that point in the list. - [M/L - ?]
  • WF5 The WF page could benefit from a helpful help popup. Quite a lot on there that needed explanation. ("1st Harm" made me think of a kind of Anti-Hypocrates....) - [L - E]
  • WF6 Alpha sort order should be the default to facilitate the location of 'words' in the text [it now remembers the last setting, so this is probably taken care of - or perhaps a suitable default depending on what is counted would be better? For "Check . Lower" alph isn't a good default] - [H - E]
  • WF7 It would be extremely helpful if WF could sort alphabetically according to the standard way for the current language. For example, treating æ as ae for a Danish text is very confusing (cf. FH14 about having a setting to indicate the current language).


  • WH1 I'd like there to be some way that I could display the suspects next to their partners (bed-fellow and bedfellow) - [M - ?]
  • WH2 Could words with -* in them be shown in the list too? (As a third variant - bed-*fellow) - [M - ?]
  • WH3 If WH2 can be done, it would be super nice if it would work even when the -* comes before a page separator (before page separators have been removed). - [M/L - ?]

Italics and Bold

  • WI1 Can this be extended to <sc> <g> and <f>? - [M - E/?]
  • WI2 The algorithm how that one finds the "similar not italicized words" is also broken, IMO. When you have i.e. <i>Igumen</i> and one time it's <i>Igumen's</i> instead, you still get Igumen flagged as being without italics, although the word is also in italics here, just inside a longer phrase. It would definitely save on effort when going through those lists if that could be fixed, so that as long as a word is somewhere inside italic markup, it doesn't show up as not in italics on the list. - [M - ?]
  • WI3 Would it be possible to bring up an alert window if the characters/symbols selected for italics/bold are also otherwise used in the text? During SR I do some minor in-line formatting and duplicate use throws that off. (See also

Check Spelling

All of these could use a bit more discussion but are, as a whole, rated at [H - E/A].

  • S16 000000.png WS1 Could this be modified to exclude words from the GWL and include words from the BWL? (See also this post, and subsequent discussion, about other ways to improve spellchecking in GG.) Could be as basic as filtering out aspell results that are on the project's GWL (included in a local file) or as complex as a SOAP call to some WordCheck interface on Maybe even an option in Word frequency to include all words on the project's BWL (included in a local file). In CVS, see tools\, which converts a Project goodwords.txt list to GuiGuts project dictionary file.
  • WS2 check each entry for 1st harmonics, and if there are more of them (or equal to) than there are of the main entry, flag that entry as a Suspect
  • WS3 I use the word frequency check to figure out peculiar spellings that are correct. I would like to be able to add words that occur frequently to the project dictionary from there. It would be absolutely wonderful, imho, if those which aren't already in the Aspell dictionary could be flagged as such, and added to the project dictionary once they've been checked, so you don't have to go through them all again when you run spellcheck--say, by pressing an 'Add to project dictionary' button in the Word frequency dialogue.
  • WS4 Allow for more control over aspell configuration to allow selecting of a specific dictionary (choosing between German pre- and post-reform for example). The current fall-back is to edit, remove aspell parameters, and set them up in the aspell user config file (~/.aspell.conf).


  • GC1 You have to double-click on GC output items to reposition the main text. I had expected single-click. I could live with the double-click, but there's a weird thing that happens if you single click different successive GC output items; the main text jumps to the last but one GC output item you selected. Bit odd. - [L - E/A]
  • GC2 When changing GC View Options, it seems then to be necessary to re-run GC sometimes. -- "GC View Options" changes should be live whereas "GC Run Options" requires a re-run. Could be a bug here that makes it not always happen this way - [L - ?]
  • GC3 Could Gutcheck take a look at the words which come at the end of the line (this is only useful before re-wrapping), and flag up as suspects those words which sometimes contain a hyphen? Eg, if you see a line ending in "today", and the document contains at least one "to-day", flag it up. - [More discussion needed]
  • GC4 Double-clicking from Gutcheck reports (and I think, other reports too) sometimes positions the cursor in the wrong place. It seems to get confused by the presence of <sc> (and other <>?) tags, and over-compensates somehow for their size. Minor. Not investigated in depth. [L - E/?]
  • S16 000000.png GC5 You can't choose to hide "Mismatched single quotes"--I assume because "single quotes" is spaced there, but not in the Gutcheck box/window/whatever itself. ("Wrongspaced singlequotes" works.) - [M - E]

Jeebies output

wainrwa and cpeel agree that they're lacking historical perspective here. It seems maybe Jeebies was used prior to some of the same checks being added to GG. The items below may require Jeebies code changes.

  • JE1 Could this first list the he's which may be be's and then the be's which may be he's? It would make it easier to know what to look for as you go down the list.
  • JE2 "jeebies doesn't understand <i>" It doesn't find examples of he or be in (or near) italics.

Label Assigning

  • S16 000000.png LA1 page labels: move down, then up, causes corruption (often) - [H - ?]
  • S16 000000.png LA2 When labels end up next to each other (with nothing between) then those page labels go in in reverse order - [M - ?] (NB: This cannot be fixed.)
  • LA3 Can it have another option (besides Arabic and Roman) to allow any txt string to assigned as a label? - [L - ?]
  • LA4 Configure page labels should remember its window position - [L - A]
  • LA5 If you click "Use these values" it should first do a recalc too (without requiring us to press both buttons) - [M - E]
  • LA6 Guiguts has problems with large numbers of pngs. See here for a manual work-around.

Adjust Page Markers

  • PM1 This dialog should disappear when you save the document or do a re-wrap - [More discussion needed]


  • UN1 Needs updating, now that 5.1 is out - [M - ?]
  • UN2 Unicode sort preference needs to be sticky
  • S16 000000.png UN3 Unicode menu massaging. The Unicode menu is so big that it is unusable on my Linux system (I only get up to Misc Symbols and Arrows on my 1600x1200 screen) and is unusable for anything after that point. Maybe it could be broken up into sections? Also, the Unicode menu doesn't have a shortcut key. - [M - A]



  • HR1 Would it be possible to include perl functions in the gg regex help? Maybe link to the official perl regex site ( and include some of the most useful ones in the help - [L - E]
  • S16 000000.png HR2 Can you tell us what Type of regex GG uses, so that we know which syntax applies? We can then search for a fuller resource guide/ manual. [It should just be a perl regex but I'll confirm] - [L - E]


We need a way to automatically generate the hotkey list based on the code so that the list is always up-to-date and accurate. All of these are classified as [M - E]

  • HH1 "T" is missing from the help for page separator popup. Document that a pressing T in the Page Separators dialog will insert two blank lines instead of just one.
  • HH2 The search menu is alt-r not alt-s, which is now the selection menu
  • HH3 There are no longer direct GC and WF menus, so the entries alt-g and alt-w should be removed (you could add alt-p, alt-l and alt-h though, and possibly one for unicode)
  • HH4 These don't appear to work for me:
<ctrl>+' -- highlight all apostrophes in selection.
<ctrl>+" -- highlight all double quotes in selection.
<ctrl>+0 -- remove all highlights.
  • HH5 Ctrl-f to bring up the searchdialog is missing
  • HH6 We should add these from the spellcheck page in the manual:
The following key-equivalents are available while the spellcheck window has the keyboard focus:
ctl-a Add word to Aspell dictionary.
ctl-p Add word to project dictionary.
ctl-i Skip All ("ignore").
ctl-s Skip.



  • FF1 When the Dialog opens, can you put the focus on the Go button (so that space would trigger it), and arrange for enter to trigger Go wherever the cursor is? This is normal behaviour. (The button that will be triggered on pressing Enter gets a thicker border to it, and the button that would be trigged by space gets a dotted rectangle around it, or on it.)
  • FF2 When Fixup is run, I wanted to know what changes it was making, so that I could review them. It did at least one thing wrong (changing a signature which had been "---- ----" into "--------") but I've no easy way to know what else it did. Could Fixup, and everything else in GG, write to a log window, listing all the changes made? I've since (on advice) installed a text file comparer, and use it to check what changes Fixup has made. Then I manually go through and back out the ones it got wrong. It probably shouldn't change "word----word" or "... This is a sentence." (which it changes to " ... This is a sentence.")
  • FF3 My mentor has advised me not to use Fixup, but instead to use WF and Gutcheck. Do other people still use it, and if so, why?
  • S16 000000.png Fixup-Fixup removes \s\s also from tables in /**/ markup
  • FF5 Fixup - Fix spaces around hyphens... is there a way it could correctly handle ---- and M---- ? (Presumably in LOTE, we'd just turn this and the ellipsis fixer off?)
  • FF6 Could Fixup-Fixup be told NOT to change things which are inside comments?
  • Support for TEI similar to what there is for HTML.


  • FN1 The logic applied here could use some improving. Currently, it seems to scan the text for Footnote markup, (how do you do square brackets in a Wiki?) and then look for the nearest matching anchor tag, searching backwards from that point. This is prone to fail, especially on large docs with multiple footnotes per page, because the footnotes will end up moving outside paragraphs, some of which will inevitably contain the next anchor tag. Instead, it would seem much more sensible to go through the anchor tags, looking for the next unused Footnote markup with a matching tag.
  • FN2 The manual says, speaking of the Check Footnotes report from Fixup-Footnotes: "You can double-click a footnote's line in the report window to scroll the document to that note. After fixing one or more errors, click First Pass to re-read all footnotes, and click Check Footnotes to get a fresh error report." Unfortunately, the double-click feature seems to be broken.
  • FN3 We've got "Move footnotes to landing zones". It would be really handy to have a "Move footnotes to containing paragraph", which would put each footnote immediately after the paragraph that contains its anchor. It is one of the methods suggested in the PP FAQ, and it is my impression that many PPers use this method, so it would be very helpful if GG could do it. One approach would be "consider every paragraph break a landing zone" ("Autoset Para. LZ"? That would generate a LOT of landing zones though.).



  • FH1 If Tidy always complains that the HTML is Transitional, why don't we just supply a header.txt which already says Transitional? (Does Tidy complain about that? Mine doesn't)
  • FH2 Would we want Tidy's changes to be incorporated into the current file? I'm thinking not, because I prefer the GG style of having two newlines between each html line -looks very clean.
  • FH3 Tidy says charset=ascii but the default header says ISO 8859-1. It's always going to be ASCII isn't it? (No it isn't)
  • S16 000000.png FH4 Can Autogenerate also have an option to add in links back to the TOC from the end of each chapter?
  • S16 000000.png FH5 Are there some other things we could put in header.txt, such as additional CSS styles? Surely some PP experts must have some pretty nice header.txt files that could be shared? (NB: done to some extent.)
  • FH6 It would be nice if autogenerate (and rewrap) put the pagenum spans at the beginning of each line, rather than create long ones? ie like this
last line of the page which may run to 60 or so

<a name="Page_99" id="Page_99">[Pg 99]</a>


instead of this.

last line of the page which may run to 60 or so <a name="Page_99" id="Page_99">[Pg 99]</a>characters.

Oh, and like this in the case of mid-word page breaks:

last line of the page which may run to 60 or so

char<a name="Page_99" id="Page_99">[Pg 99]</a>acters.

  • FH7 Could Auto-generate have a go at handling Sections Headings? I'd have thought an <h3> would make more sense than a <p>. It might make sense to add anchor tags for these headings too (as with Chapter Headings).
  • FH8 following on from FH6, a couple of people have commented that page breaks mid-word causes problems. If that's the case, then maybe GG could avoid it by doing this (where the page ends after "para-"):
the page ends with a paragraph

<a name="Page_99" id="Page_99">[Pg 99]</a>

which continues on this page.

  • FH9 Could autogenerate put a &nbsp; instead of the \s in \b\w\.\s\w\. and also [Pp]ages?\s\d+ and Fig\.\s\d+ etc?
  • S16 000000.png FH11 Could the first lines of the header.txt file be modified to include a language statement: (this appears to have been done)
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">
  • FH12 Could you add a section in to the header.txt to handle printing? I'd suggest at minimum something like the following (possibly located ABOVE the poem classes, which seem to be dynamic in content):
@media print {
  a:link    {color: black; background-color: inherit;
             text-decoration: none;}
  a:visited {color: black; background-color: inherit;
             text-decoration: none;}   {visibility: hidden; margin: 0em; page-break-before: always; }
  .pagenum  {visibility: hidden;} }
  • FH13 Similarly to header.txt it would be nice to have a footer.txt (where one could include e.g. a template for a Transcriber's note/List of corrections, without having to edit the perl files)
  • FH14 It would be very nice if there were a way to specify a language for the output, so that labels that are visible to the reader would be generated in the proper language for LOTE (e.g. "Page_", "Pg", "Footnote_"). This setting could be useful in several other places too: setting the lang in the doctype (cf. FH11), making meaningful conversions of non-ascii characters when generating chapter links.

Image dialog

  • FI1 In the image dialog, the Ok button should be defaulted, so that you can just press Enter when done (from any line you are on)
  • FI2 The alignment options should have hotkeys (alt-L, alt-C, alt-R, for left, center and right, resp.)
  • FI3 A way to handle illos that aren't rectangular would be nice (but maybe this is not doable)
  • FI4 If you click auto illus search, then change something in the text, and then reclick auto illus search, it brings up a second file dialog (and shouldn't)
  • FI5 When inserting html for imgs, could it please add \n\n afterwards (so that html is neater)?

tidy output dialog

  • FT1 We lose the ability to double click on lines in the Tidy Output after some operations (eg changing things in main window)

Page Separators

  • FP1 This one wasn't very clear at first sight. It took me a while to work out it was basically a kind of search and replace interface. It might help to relabel the Refresh button "Find Next", perhaps.
  • FP2 Could this dialog do a Find Next (Refresh) when it first opens?
  • FP3 Wouldn't "Replace All Where Obvious", and "Replace Next" be better labels than "Full Auto" and "Semi Auto"?
  • FP4 As pointed out above, T=2 lines needs a button (and help popup entry)
  • FP5 What does the last line in the help popup mean? Something about adding HTML page numbers, but there's no explanation of how to get them.
  • FP6 Closing the Fix Page Separators window should close the help popup window for it too.
  • S16 000000.png FP7 It would be nice to have a button (v) to "view image" from the page separators dialog.
  • S16 000000.png FP8 Undo not working for me for page separators. undo is apt to leave "---File [...]" attached to the previous line with no line break
  • FP9 At the moment, words hyphenated across a page break will only be rejoined if there's no footnote on the page. Can the tool be taught to understand footnotes? Both from the point of view just expressed, and also (harder) rejoining continued footnotes?
  • FP10 If the documents starts with \n/F\n, bad things happen.
  • S16 000000.png FP11 page separators should be able to rejoin </i>-*\nPAGESEP\n*<i> smoothly (and similarly for other tags)

ASCII boxes

  • FA1 Something weird happens when undoing an ascii box, related to overwriting the text just below the selected area.
  • FA2 Draw Box adds an extra line above and two lines below the area selected.
  • FA3 should leave the focus in the main window after each operation
  • FA4 The settings in ASCII boxes don't stick (cf AH3)

Remove end-of-line spaces

  • FR1 Can we have a shortcut for fixup-removespaces?
  • FR2 Can the cursor be placed back where it started after doing this?


Either things that haven't been classified or things that don't fit anywhere else.

  • S16 000000.png MISC1 Have a way to download relevant data (project language, word lists, etc) about the project directly from the pgdp website instead of doing it manually. Word lists are already included in the download but it might be useful to download the project page to a local HTML page for reference. - [More discussion needed] - [? - E/A]
  • MISC2 Allow specifying of site BWLs and GWLs too. If we go this far it might be worthwhile to use logic similar to WordCheck for which list takes precedence. - [More discussion needed]
  • S16 000000.png MISC3 Minor: The Help menu moves on me. It starts out flush-right on the menu bar when Guiguts opens but after sorting the Unicode menu it moves between Prefs and External. - [L - ?]
  • S16 000000.png MISC4 Under External Programs it would be very helpful to have a variable for "currently highlighted text" (useful for calling up online dictionaries).