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Would "DP Timeline" or "DP Milestones" be a better title for this article? I always think of "a history" as more of a prose document than is this article (which I think is a fabulous idea, and great addition to the Wiki, by the way). Just a thought. kraester 16:53, 3 September 2006 (PDT)

Well, I started it as a list because I was just going to put in a couple items and leave it for others to fill in more details. Then I got carried away :) and filled in a bunch more things. Feel free to expand and reformat this into prose if you want. Or do you think we should have both a timeline and a prose history? (either in the same or different articles) --Acunning40
Yes, sorry I didn't include enough to let you read my mind. :) Yes, my initial thought was that there would be a place for both a timeline-oriented, and a more prose-like article(s), in the Wiki. And until someone has the time or inclination to create a prose-like document to be housed on "History of DP," the page could temporarily be a redirect to a page named something like "DP Timeline" or "DP Milestones." I personally really like timelines, but I can certainly envision that others would appreciate a more fleshed-out history, with more prose. Just my personal thoughts, from still a relative newbie. :) kraester 18:21, 3 September 2006 (PDT)

I converted the timeline to a table-based composite for improved appearance and legibility. Regarding colors, gold is used for Posted milestones; everything else is lightblue. I think this layout works better than the straight prose listing in the previous version, and it's flexible enough to accomodate variations in information without resorting to templates. Note that multiple consecutive blank months are given a display:none so that the tables aren't cluttered with blank rows, but one blank row is always retained where there are lacunae between events. Donovan

Hey, this new layout looks great! A stylistic question though: what are the horizontal grey lines on the LH colour bar about? Is that your "multiple consecutive blank months" part? It's a bit confusing where "blue" events are consecutive, for example. Perhaps this would be clearer with a (thin, pale?) horizontal line for every month, with a thicker line where empty months are skipped over. e.g. in 2003: I'm suggesting a line between Jun and Jul, another between Jul and Aug and Oct-Nov; while we're at it, thin lines for the Aug-Sep and Sep-Oct boundaries. Pevans 06:03, 23 June 2010 (PDT)
Thanks! Yes, the grey lines represent a span of one-or-more blank months. I'm not sure a thin line between consecutive months with events makes it any more legible - I sort of like having them show continuity. Donovan