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A thorn is a letter that was used in Old and Middle English, and is still used in Icelandic. It usually represents the th sound. In DP projects, it usually looks like:

Capital Thorn c.png Thorn uc eemm.png
Lower Case Thorn l.png Thorn lc eemm.png

The loop of the upper case thorn is normally larger, and the stem may not drop down as far below the line as the lower case. In blackletter projects and some other old texts (often from the 1500s), a y may be used to represent a thorn, because of the similarity in shape.

The characters for capital and lower case thorn, Þ and þ, are available in the Basic Latin character suite, so we can use these symbols directly when proofreading. You can insert them using the ~ picker in the Proofreading Interface toolbox.

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