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DP Official Documentation - Post-Processing and Post-Processing Verification

What is a Post-Processing Reclaim?

To prevent projects getting "stuck" in Post-Processing, processes are in place to reclaim projects which are not being actively worked on by the PP'er. "Actively worked on" is determined by whether the PPer has visited the project page within the past 90 days. It is important that projects continue to make good progress through the site, particularly once they've reached PP, to avoid the possibility that our volunteers' efforts will be wasted if a text is posted to Project Gutenberg by another source before our project is complete.

What happens to reclaimed projects?

Reclaimed projects are moved to the "Unavailable for PP" state and have "{PP reclaim, needs checking}" added to the project title. Many reclaimed projects have been in PP for a long time and may have problems such as missing pages or illustrations which are preventing them from being completed. Because of this, all reclaimed projects are checked before being released back in to the PP pool. Reclaimed projects which have not yet been checked are listed on the "PP reclaims, need checking" page. Volunteers may offer to help evaluate any of the projects on the list. Where obvious problems with the project are noted when it is reclaimed, a project will be moved straight to the Project hospital rather than the reclaimed projects list.

What does this mean for PP'ers?

  1. PP'ers are able to renew projects at any time, simply by visiting the project pages for projects they have checked out.
  2. They will be able to see in the navbar, whenever they log in to the site, whether or not they have any projects that have been checked out for 90 days or more since they last visited the project pages.
  3. If they don't renew the projects before the 90 day threshold, they will get a reminder email on the first of the month following the projects reaching the threshold (server time); if they haven't renewed by the 15th, they will get a second reminder. If the projects haven't been renewed within 7 days of the second reminder, the projects may be reclaimed.
  4. PP'ers can, at any time, send an email to db-req asking for specific projects not to be reclaimed, or notifying db-req that they will be unable to log in and renew projects the next time they come due. Squirrels working on reclaims take such requests into account, in addition to other known reasons for not reclaiming projects.

What does this mean for PMs?

There is currently no automated mechanism for notifying PMs that a project has been reclaimed. Reclaims are done between the 22nd and last days of each month so checking at any time between the 1st and 21st of each month whether any of your projects have been moved to "PP unavailable" and had "{PP reclaim, needs checking}" added to the project title is currently the easiest way to keep track. PMs are welcome to check any of their projects which have been reclaimed and send an email to db-req confirming that they've done so. Do note that all projects must be checked and the results confirmed by db-req before they are released back into PP.

All projects will be checked and released eventually so there is no obligation on PMs to check reclaimed projects unless they wish to do so. PMs who are currently active will usually be contacted if a project is hospitalised and/or before any significant fixes are applied.

What does this mean for PPV'ers?

Sometimes a reclaimed project will have been returned to a PPer from PPV. In these cases, the squirrel doing the reclaims may contact the PPVer and ask if they would like to complete the project based on their original review. This is entirely at the PPVer's discretion and if they don't wish to complete the project it will be checked and returned to the PP pool in the usual way.

How do reclaimed projects get checked?

Anyone can check one of the reclaimed projects on the list using the Project completeness checklist. Please check first whether the project comments say that an evaluation is already in progress by someone else and email db-req to let them know that you will be checking it to avoid duplication of effort. Once you've completed checking, email the results of your checks against the list to db-req, letting them know whether you would like to PP the project or whether it should be released to the PP pool. A squirrel will confirm the checks, check other items which can only be checked by squirrels (such as the copyright clearance information), apply any fixes and release the project. Please be patient as this stage may take a while depending on squirrel workloads, particularly if fixes need to be applied to the project.

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