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DP Official Documentation - Post-Processing and Post-Processing Verification

You must include a cover image called cover.jpg (or, much more rarely, cover.png, if the image is appropriate as a "png") with your project. Cover images should be at least 650 x 1000 pixels (width x height) and may have dimensions up to 5000x5000 pixels. Larger dimensions are recommended. Cover file size should be no larger than 256Kb. If you specify image dimensions in your HTML code, please use em or percentage units rather than pixels.

It is DP policy that, when we create a new cover for a coverless book, we confine ourselves to images that are found within the book itself rather than images found in other versions of that book or other possibly public-domain images. PG also requires that covers include "The cover image was created by the transcriber and is placed in the public domain." either within the cover image itself or in text below it.

For French books the wording would be -- "La page de couverture, créée expressément pour cette version électronique, a été placée dans le domaine public."

For German books the wording would be -- "Das Umschlagbild wurde vom Bearbeiter gestaltet und in die Public Domain eingebracht." The above sentence, however, is useful only in the context of US copyright law and could therefor remain in English should the PPer wish. If the book is "gemeinfrei", the text would be: "Das Umschlagbild wurde vom Bearbeiter geschaffen. Ein Urheberrecht wird nicht geltend gemacht. Das Bild darf von jedermann unbeschränkt genutzt werden."

For Spanish books, the wording is "El transcriptor ha creado la imagen de la cubierta y la sitúa en el dominio público."

It is preferable to also add the URL to the cover image; however, the decision on whether or not to do that is left up to the individual PPer.

Title-pages from the book may be used as a cover and, since they are a part of the original book, may be used without stating that the cover was created and placed in the public domain, etc.

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