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  <title>Chapter Heading Example (Overriding ebookmaker’s CSS)</title>

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  text-align: center;
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  font-size: large;
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  text-align: center;

  text-transform: uppercase;

  width: 80%;
  max-width: 40em;
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  page-break-before: always;
  page-break-before: avoid;
  padding-top: 0;


<div class="chapter">
  <img src="images/decoration.png" width="472" height="107" alt=""/>

<h2 class="no-break">CHAPTER III.<br/>
<small>MR. LONGCLUSE OPENS HIS HEART.</small></h2>

<p><span class="upper-case">The</span> old housekeeper had drawn near her window, and stood close to the pane, through which she looked out upon the star-lit night. The stars shine down over the foliage of huge old trees. Dim as shadows stand the horse and tax-cart that await Mr. Longcluse and Richard Arden, who now at length appear. The groom fixes the lamps, one of which shines full on Mr. Longcluse's peculiar face.</p>




Chapter heading with decoration

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