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DP Official Documentation - Post-Processing and Post-Processing Verification

With the introduction of HTML, and the e-reader formats, PPing has become a much more complex task. Consequently, it's important that new PPers gain the necessary experience before they are granted Direct Upload (DU).

The pre-DU period is an important learning period and the opportunity for a new PPer to work with experienced PPVers should be valued.

To qualify for DU, PPers must demonstrate a capacity for consistent high quality PPing.

  • the 8 PP projects most recently verified must total to at least 1,000 pages and must include:
    • at least 3 "excellent"
    • at least 7 "very good" or "excellent"
    • no "fair" in the most recent 7 projects
    • a "good" in the final project requires that an additional project be submitted
  • In the last 8 qualifying projects, at least 3 of the projects should be Average or Difficult and each of them must contain three special elements such as:
    • Poetry
    • Index
    • Footnotes
    • Sidenotes
    • Blockquotes
    • Drama
    • Advertisements
    • Tables
    • Illustrations requiring advanced preparation and/or difficult placement
    • Multiple Languages
    • Musical Notation and Files
    • Extensive mathematical/chemical notation

In order for PPers to get a range of feedback on their projects as they progress towards DU access, and to avoid any accusations of unfairness, at least 3 different PPVers should be involved in evaluating the different qualifying projects. In languages where there is a shortage of PPVers able to evaluate projects, this may not be required.

When you have met the requirements for DU access, one of the PPV coordinators will be in touch. He or she will give you the information you need in order to upload directly, and also offer you support for your first few uploads if needed. If you have any questions about DU access, please email the PPV coordinators (ppv-coord at

Any PPers or PPVers may of course contact the (ppv-coord at for advice on DU or any other aspect of PPVing.

Because of the amount of regular practice required to maintain Post-Processing Direct Upload skills, DP may remove that access if a volunteer has not worked in that area for an extended period.

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