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DP Official Documentation - General
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This is how to get around DP like the speed of light. Well, maybe more like a dog paddle. From one 'newbie' to another, it's an overview of page links to help you navigate and sail more smoothly.

Log in to DP and go directly to the Activity Hub--our starting point. From the Activity Hub, our most frequent click is the link to Activities: P1 or (if a message appears) the unread email in our Inbox.

The Activity Hub links in the horizontal green line are explained from left to right. When you click on one of the links, you may return from that page to the Activity Hub by using your back button or by clicking a link on the page.

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1. DP

"Front Page News & Developments” includes a link to the DP Code of Conduct and to DP registration. A great link on this page is to the Beginner's Walkthrough. Every step you take on the Walk is a step toward understanding exactly what you are doing.

2. Activity Hub

Reading the Activity Hub will give you the Site Progress Snapshot and the Activity Descriptions. The Activity Descriptions explain the many cogs in the DP wheel. Important abbreviations, such as P2 and PP, are explained.

3. Activities: P1

Click here to find projects to start proofreading! Scroll down to Projects Currently Available. Besides the Projects Available grid, links and information are included for the following:

  • The Common Q&As of the Beginner’s Forum
  • Proofreading Guidelines
  • Custom proofing font
  • Proofreading Quiz and Tutorial
  • Mentor feedback (appreciated!)
  • (optional) Feedback mechanism for your work
  • Simple proofreading rules
  • Random Rule

4. SR

Smooth Reading News & Developments. Smooth reading is a very important activity and takes no special training. Simply download and read a book to see if there are any errors that have been missed in the proofreading and preparation of the book.

5. My Projects

This area lists projects you've helped proof. By clicking the titles, you'll see the current status of the work.

6. Project Search

Project Search allows you to specify criteria, such as a specific language, for projects related to your interests.

7. Inbox

Send and receive DP mail!

8. Forums

Enjoy exploring the forums. Of particular interest may be the Beginner’s Forum--the very first section of the forums--where we are able to ask questions, get answers, and meet other beginners. The Beginner’s Forum is divided into three sections--Common Q&A, Proofreading, and Formatting. When you enter any of the forums, you may use your internet browser’s Find tool to locate a specific topic, such as hyphen or apostrophe. Most questions you post are answered very quickly by other members, honestly happy to help those of us just beginning.

9. Blog

Perhaps a more appealing name is Hot Off the Press—Book Reviews and News. You may add a "comment" to the blog, "like" it, and/or share the blog with the social networks offered.

10. Wiki

DP Wiki is “Information Central.” You will find a great deal of material here about DP, its history, and how to proofread. You are also welcome to log in with your DP name and password to add/change information. Use your proofing skills to edit!

11. Stats

We may call Stats Statistics Galore. Search for other members and teams plus enjoy more stats on DP than you may want. Math majors will feel very comfortable here.

12. Prefs

Under the General tab, preferences allow you to reset your password, change your email, language, and more. Under the Proofreading tab you may fine tune your text by font size and face/style, length of lines, whether or not to show special colors, and other useful tools to make your proofreading fun! New proofreaders often find they want to make several changes on this page.

13. Help

Help is exactly that. From DP announcements to the WordCheck engine, excellent tools are available to assist us -- well categorized and convenient! Did I mention “Post-Processing Verification Guidelines?” Yes, it’s all here.

14. Log Out

This option allows to log out of the DP site.

Lastly, please remember there are links within links -- abundant information may be far more than overstatement. Take your time and use this jump start to help navigate the waters and enjoy the voyage with us.

To comment or request edits to this page, please contact lhamilton or wfarrell.

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