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The system performs a Project Release (Automodify) process every 15 minutes. As part of that process, the system

  1. Determines whether any projects have finished the round, or need to have pages reclaimed, and if so takes the appropriate actions. Then
  2. Determines whether any projects that are Waiting to be proofread or formatted should be released into the round.

The processing for each phase is recorded in a file called an automodify log (automodify_log). DP archives the logs once per month, leaving (approximately) only the current month's logs directly viewable. You can find them here.

These flowcharts show phase 2 of that processing, in two parts.

First chart: This chart shows the "control" part of the process. It examines each round, and within each round it examines each Release Queue. For each queue it determines if the queue is enabled, and if so whether the queue should try to release a project, as determined by the queue's release criterion. If the queue should try to release a project, the code in the second chart makes the decisions about which project(s), if any, to release.

Project Release 1.png

Second chart: This chart shows the details that determine which project(s), if any, are released when the code in chart 1 determines that a queue should try to release a project. Note: The PM limit per round (as used in this chart) is currently 13 (2020-04-10).

Project Release 2a.png

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