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Project Quick Check is a script that should be run for every project before it's released. It can also be useful to check projects between rounds to see if bad characters have been added by proofers or formatters. Squirrels and PFs can see the results of the script for all projects; PMs can see results for projects for which they are the assigned PM; PPers can see results for projects for which they are the assigned PPer.

In addition to providing the title, author and project manager, the output of the script gives you several useful pieces of information about the project:

Page images exist
Verifies that a proofing image exists for each text page. (Under normal circumstances, this won't occur.)
Bad Bytes in Page Text
Text pages should have only characters from the selected character suite(s), no HTML entities, no BOMs, and no tabs--in fact, no invisible characters other than regular spaces and returns. If this test reports bad characters, please fix the problem pages and reload.
The links to text files link to the OCR; the test that checks the text looks at the project's latest page-texts for bad byte-sequences. If the project is being checked after it's released into the rounds, you may need to edit the URL to see the latest version of the page-text.
If there are bad bytes on any page, there will be a link in this section to the Explainer for Bad Bytes Reports, which shows in detail what is considered bad and why.
Corrupt page PNGs
Occasionally, uploaded page images may be somehow corrupted. This test will identify any that are, so that the PM can correct the issue.
Large Page Image Files
For most proofing images images (Page scans), file size should be under 100KB. If the results of the script show that there are images over this size, and you are having trouble, please ask for help.
Illustration Image Files
This is just a test to determine whether there are any illustration images with the project.
Good/Bad Wordlists
This test issues a warning if both of the project's Wordlists are empty. There is no warning if at least one of them is not empty. It is not considered an error for a project not to have Wordlists, but this test is a reminder to check.
Credited Source
Verify that the listed Credited Source is the correct one.
Correct Genre and Language
Check to make sure that the Genre and Language have been set correctly. If in doubt, check the Page Details for the project, and skim through a few pages.
Missing Pages
There's no way that the script can check for missing pages. This section is a reminder to PMs that missing pages should be checked for, and that a last check before releasing the project is a good idea.

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