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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF)

How to Donate

The Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF) exists to support the operations of the Distributed Proofreaders website (DP) and the team of volunteers at DP who perform the critical work of producing the ebooks that DP publishes on Project Gutenberg (PG). Without those volunteers DP would not exist, and could not produce its books, and so their contributions of time and effort are critical to the continuing success of DP.

However, in order to keep the site in operation, DPF also requires a continuing monetary investment to pay the costs associated with operating a web site. DPF appreciates any monetary donation you might want to make to help keep DP operating, whether you are a volunteer at DP or not.

Direct Monetary Donations

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to DPF, we have several options for you to consider:

Checks or money orders

DPF can accept checks or money orders, in US dollars, made out to "Distributed Proofreaders Foundation" and mailed to the DPF Treasurer at the address shown below.


DPF can accept donations via PayPal. To initiate a donation via PayPal please click here to begin your donation transaction at Paypal. (Note: if you have problems with that link, please let us know by contacting our Treasurer. In the meantime, you can also donate by searching for "Distributed Proofreaders Foundation", Category: Education, State: New Jersey on the PayPal Fundraiser Hub.)

Indirect Monetary Donations

Corporate Matching Grants

Some employers will match donations made to selected non-profit organizations. If you work for such an employer, please consider checking with your employer to see if they will match your grant and to find out the proper procedures to follow. In order to make this process simpler, DPF is listed with the following donation sites used by some employers who have matching grants programs:

  • Benevity
  • TRUiST


eBay provides opportunities for both sellers and buyers to donate to DPF. If you are an eBay seller you can find more information here. If you are an eBay buyer you can find more information here.

Stock Donations

If you have stock that you would like to donate to DPF, please contact the DPF Treasurer for more information via email as shown below.


If you would like to include a donation to DPF in your will, please contact the DPF Treasurer for more information via email as shown below.

Donation Methods Not Listed Above

If none of the approaches described above works for you and you would like to propose a different donation method, please contact the DPF Treasurer to discuss your proposal. Contact information for the Treasurer is shown below. The DPF Board is interested in your thoughts and proposals, but we believe that everyone's time will be used more efficiently if proposals are investigated by our Treasurer and then discussed with the Board before outside organizations become involved. Additionally, for the safety of your funds the Treasurer needs to be involved before donations occur by any new methods so that DPF can verify the proper receipt of the funds. DPF also needs to investigate any tax guidelines requirements that may apply before we can authorize new forms of donation.

Please do not contact other organizations on our behalf to suggest that they include DPF in their donation methods. We prefer that you contact our Treasurer, and when appropriate the Treasurer will initiate contact with the other group.


  • If you donate through a third party, the receipts will be provided by that entity, such as paypal giving fund, benevity, truist.
  • Email receipts for direct donations of less than $250 will be provided by the Treasurer using the dpfoundation at email address.
  • Physical receipts for larger donations (as required by the US Internal Revenue Service) will be mailed. shown below.

Contacting the Treasurer

You may contact the Treasurer either:

  • Via email to dpf-treasurer at
  • Via postal mail:

Distributed Proofreaders Foundation
532 Marlton Pike W #507
Marlton, NJ 08053


  1. DPF is a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity. The tax id. or EIN Number is 20-4682326 and monetary donations are tax exempt under US Law. DPF cannot provide tax advice regarding non-monetary donations or donations from other countries. For those cases please contact a local tax advisor or financial planner.
  2. If you do not receive a receipt in a reasonable time please contact the DPF Treasurer using one of the methods shown above.
  3. Any mention of other organizations above (e.g., Benevity, PayPal, etc.) is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation of those organizations. They provide a service to DPF that may help you direct your donations to us, but you are free to use other appropriate methods. Please contact the DPF Treasurer using one of the methods shown above if you need assistance finding a method that suits your needs.
  4. Any trademarks or service marks mentioned above are owned by their respective trademark or service mark owners.

Donor Bill of Rights

  • You have the right to be informed of DPF's Mission and the way your donation will be put to use.
  • You have the right to be informed of who the Trustees of the DP Foundation Board are and to expect sound stewardship of DP.
  • You have a right to inspect the most recent Treasurer's report. (For Treasurer's reports, see here)
  • You have a right to expect that your donation will be handled with due confidentiality.
  • You have a right to know that, in general, all workers for DPF and DP are volunteers and receive no pay other than an occasional approved reimbursement of their personal funds which have been used for their work at DP.
  • You have a right to know that, if it is deemed appropriate by the GM and approved by the DPF Board, funds may be used for short-term, well-defined contract work, and that the contractor may or may not be a DP volunteer.
  • You have a right to expect prompt and truthful answers to any questions you might have concerning your donation.
To comment or request edits to this page, please contact the DPF Secretary (mannyack) or another DPF Board member, or make your suggestions on this page: DPFoundation talk:Distributed Proofreaders Foundation.