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SmoothReading upload

Only upload to Smooth Reading when both flat text and HTML are ready. Some readers are fine with flat text, others will only read html or e-reader texts.


In XnView when displaying the image, there are two simple techniques:

1) On the "Image" menu hit "Convert to grey".

2) On the "Image" menu, select "extract channel" and select one. (You may get slightly different results with each, so try them and see which you like the best.)

And you can control what ends up white (as opposed to light grey) by adjusting the threshhold. (Poke around in the items on the "Image" menu, you'll find it.)

In IrfanView when displaying the image, on the "Image" menu, select "Convert to grayscale". (There may be other ways in IrfanView. Guess which I prefer for image manipulation.)

Increasing odds of getting to Direct Upload quickly

Flat Text Version

  • Rerun Bookloupe. It is not possible to run bookloupe too many times.
    • Make sure that you have a reasonable explanation for anything that is flagged. Bookloupe will produce an overwhelming list of things.
    • Deal with it by
      • Click on "GC View Options" and then "Hide All".
      • Go through the categories one at a time. Some categories are irrelevant, others not, and it will vary according to what the content and layout of the book is--so use your judgment.
  • From the "Txt" menu in guiguts, run PPTxt.
    • Doesn't seem to actually find the analyzed data so try online here: [1]
    • PPV will use this tool to analyze your text, so see what they see before they see and fix it. PPTxt will produce another overwhelming list.
      • Make sure that you have a reasonable explanation for everything that appears.
      • Take special note of "line spacing check". If any numbers other than 1, 2 or 4 appear in this section, that is a show stopper.
      • The entire PPTxt listing is not self-explanatory, if anything is unclear ask your mentor. (I am not a PPV, however I was able to figure out everything in this listing.)
      • There used to be an outline of the ebook generated as part of this listing; I just looked for it briefly but did not find it.
  • Have you written and included your transcriber's note(TN)? The checklist and elsewhere implies that the TN should come at the beginning of the e-book, however unless you have a comment that needs to be in everyone's face (like use of NSFW language or attitudes, following suggestions in the book could kill you, etc.), put anything else at the end of the book. Make sure that you have run all the above tests after including the TN.

HTML Version

There are some other hidden checks once you have the html ready and have tested it with bookmaker.

  • Make sure that all the html checks in guiguts are clean. That includes:
    • GUIguts > HTML > HTML markup > Find Some Orphaned Markup
    • GUIguts > HTML >
      • Linkchecker
      • Tidy
      • PPVImage
  • PPhtml is the equivalent of PPTxt. It is used by PPV to evaluate your html. However, it always produces some false positives, so don't get manic if there are a few items on the list that remain. For instance, it always whines about "hr", but that is expected.
  • W3C HTML and CSS checkers. Make sure that you look at the outline in the html checker, and that it appears the way you want it to.
  • Test your HTML on at least two different browsers.
  • Bookmaker: HTML is not done until ebookmaker produces good kindle and epub output, and you have tested the output on physical e-readers or emulators for both formats.
Gutenberg uses this so you ought to [2]

When both TXT and HTML are ready

When both files are ready, another check that PPV will do, is to use the PP Workbench feature ppcomp (or they might use something else that is equivalent). I always find some false positives, especially where I have used tables or small caps. Make sure that you have a simple explanation for any errors that appear on this listing, and fix anything else.

Transcriber Notes

  • The whitewashers (the people who work for PG and review uploads before they are posted) like to see a comment along the lines of: "Archaic, obsolete and inconsistent spellings have been maintained as in the original book"--well...assuming that is true. Use your own words, but something to that effect, so that they will be less likely to receive suggestions for the "improvement" of the book from people who download it.
  • If you are not detailing any changes made from the original text, and you did make some, it is important to say that such changes were minimal and have been made "silently".
  • Elsewhere you will find a suggestion that there should be a statement that the cover was produced at DP, possibly by the transcriber (that's you), and is in the public domain. At first I assumed that this only needed to be in the epub and kindle versions. Now they use the cover in the search results at PG, so this statement needs to appear in all versions of the book, html and flat text.