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Convert <tb>, Italic, Bold, and Smallcap (10 min.)

Convert <tb> Thought Break

Menu Txt > Convert <tb> to asterisk break which converts all <tb> to five spaced asterisks in one step.

Convert Italics

Menu Txt > Convert Italics which converts italics markup is replaced with underscores.

Convert bold

Mark bold with = as it is most common. PPCOMP will not throw warnings when comparing with HTML.

  • Select Txt > Convert Bold


Uppercase selected small-cap, which foofers have changed to <sc>Title-Cased-Text</sc>.

PG guidelines

  • Where only an opening word or phrase of a section is small-capped, it should be left as title case.
  • Some works have whole headings small-cap; some have used small-cap as a means of emphasis. These should be uppercased in the text.

Menu Txt > Manually Convert Small Caps Markup... which opens up a Search and Replace window.

Select preferred change which are leave unchanged, upper case text, or surround text with "+".

Save the document

Fix ASCII Tables (0-? hr.)

Save to version 21

  • Use Search>Find Next /**/ Block to step through all tabular material.
    • /P for Poems so it keeps indent
    • /F for front matter to center, perhaps not centered in the end
    • /L for unordered list
    • /X no rewrap, no indent
    • Compare to page image; reformat to best convey author intent.
    • For complex tables, use Table Special Effects to reformat.
  • For TOC and TOI
    • Make sure to indent or you violate the rules
    • The point of this is to hint to some future text user to not re-wrap the lines
    • If too wide, wrap to 72 and have following line indented further to making a hanging paragraph

Rewrap and Clear Rewrap Markers (10-30 min.)

Save the file to version 22 if any unsaved changes.

  • Use Tools>Rewrap All. Wait while rewrap completes.
  • Page through entire text, looking for improper indentation. If found, re-open, clicking NO when asked if you want to save the edits. Find and fix broken rewrap markups. Repeat this step.
  • Open Tools>Footnote Fixup...; tidy up footnotes. See this discussion.

Save to version 22.

  • Remove all rewrap markers: see this page.
    • Tools>Clean Up Rewrap Markers

Save to version 23.

  • Check the whole file for anything that is wider than 72 by doing a regular expression search

^.{73,} and wrap

    • TOC
    • TN
  • Use Tools>Remove End-of-line Spaces.
  • Indent anything that you don't want re-wrapped in the future
    • Poetry is probably taken care of
    • TOC
    • Title page and other front matter. Just indent two spaces as centering doesn't work in text.
  • Use Tools>Bookloupe and resolve any new issues.

Front Matter (5 min)

Check the title page and other front matter. Indent to look nice and hint to a future text handler to not rewrap.


Save to version 24.

Run Txt>PPTxt...

Also run the online PPTxt available at the PP Workbench

Online PPText

It is very helpful at finding variations in spelling/hyphenation. If anything is found it will need to be fixed in the HTML version too.


Save to version 25

Run PPComp to ensure no text was added or deleted.


Save the document.