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From the DU authorization received 2021-06-04

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Instead of going to the PPV queue you upload directly to PG using the form here:

Direct Upload

You will be asked to log in.

Get the form

The first step is to enter the copyright clearance key for the project being submitted. After you submit the clearance key, a form containing information about the book will appear. It will be partially populated with data from the clearance database.

Fill out the form

File to be uploaded

Upload a single zip file containing all files.

  • project.txt
  • project.htm
  • subfolder with all images

Verify only those three files are in the ZIP.

Verify there are no restricted permissions on the files or directories.

Email Addresses

Provide email addresses for people to Cc: on the Posted announcement (other than you)

Always include:


Confirm submission details as supplied at clearance time


Check the title page scan of your book and verify that:

  • Author field contains data
  • Author's name is spelled correctly
  • All authors listed on title page are listed in upload form
  • Any illustrator, translator, editor, etc., listed on title page is listed in upload form
  • Title is complete and all words are spelled correctly
  • Title is appropriately capitalized
    • If English, title should be capitalized using Title Caps. Example: The Story of the Little Red Hen
    • If not English, the title should be capitalized using the conventions of that language. Example: Histoire fantastique du célèbre Pierrot
  • Subtitle listed on title page is listed in upload form
  • If you are uploading a periodical, please check the PG catalog ( ) and follow the formatting used for previously posted issues of that periodical.
  • If your project is part of a multiple volume set, state the number, i.e. English History, (Vol. 2/6).

If you need to make additional changes but are unable to do so, please mention this in the Notes field. For example, you may wish to add a Translator, but have already used up all the available spaces on the form. Please enter this information in the Notes field.

Credits line

The credits line appears in the DP project comments and should be copied and pasted into the credit line from the project page. You may need to edit the credits line by deleting duplicate names, moving image provider credit to the end, etc.

As noted on the form the words Produced by will be prefixed to whatever you enter. Otherwise, enter the credits line EXACTLY as it should appear in the posted file, and as it appears on the project page (check the project page when you're uploading). The Whitewashers will not edit this information; it will be copied directly into the posted file.

Please be sure all names are spelled correctly, and contain no unicode characters; verify that all names of volunteers or institutions that need to be mentioned are included.

Example of a credit line to be entered in this field:

Joe Schmo, Jane Doe, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at (This file was produced from images generously made available by The Internet Archive/American Libraries.)


Use this field to communicate with the Whitewashers. You may wish to indicate that this is your first upload, or you may wish to draw their attention to a particular issue, or you may leave this field blank.


Use Preview first. It will let you know if you have any extra files in your zip file, if the HTML does not validate, or if there is some other problem with your file.

If all is well, in preview mode you will see something like the following:

user's upload was UTF-8testing turkeyinthestraw.html HTML Tidy: No warnings or errors were found. W3C HTML check passed CSS passed (level 3) Valid links and anchors

If there is a problem, you may see a message warning of invalid HTML, CSS or bad links, etc. Details of the problems will be provided via a link to a temporary location on PG's server. If the preview indicates any problems with the HTML, please revise to address these problems, and upload the file for preview again.

When the preview indicates no problems, please submit your file.

Submission complete!

After submitting your file, you will receive an email confirming your submission.[*] The PG Whitewashers will check your file, post it to the PG archive, and send you an email notifying you that it has been posted. After the file has posted, the project will be removed from your PP queue by one of the site admins.

If your file has not been posted within one week, please contact the Whitewashers at Occasionally uploads fail; for this reason, please always keep a copy of your uploaded files until you receive a posting note.

[*] There's sometimes a problem with the confirming email. If you don't receive a confirmation, just wait and see what happens.

Never re-upload a project, except if expressly requested to do so by a WWer.


If you notice an error after you have uploaded your file, email as soon as possible to alert the Whitewashers.

If you notice an error in one of your recently posted files, email details to the Whitewasher who posted it, or email pgww at

If you notice an error in an older PG file (posted more than one month previously), you may report the error to errata at

If at any time you have questions about uploading, you may contact the Whitewashers (pgww at

DP has a forum (PG Direct Uploading/PPVing) where you may ask questions or search for answers to your queries.

If you've got any other question or problem, please contact the PPV co-coordinator (ppv

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