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Note: I consider the contents of this page, which is a personal sub-page, my own property, though they are released under the GFDL or whatever license is commonly used here. I created it primarily for my own use, so I can link to it in my Mentoring Feedback messages.

Feel free (and encouraged!) to copy any or all of it and make any changes you wish in your copies, and use them either in your own personal sub-pages (similar to this one) or anywhere in the Wiki or in DP you deem appropriate. Suggestions for improvement of these tips is welcome in the "Discussion" of this page. Minor editing and fixing of any typos here are, of course, welcome too.

Happy Proofing!

Tips for Happy Proofing


I recommend that you change the font in your proofreading preferences from the default one to a monospaced one, such as the one called "monospaced", or even better, try our DPCustMono Font.

You may find it very ugly and disturbing to the eye at first, but once you get used to it, it will be extremely usefull in catching all kinds of "stealth scannos" which are very hard to catch otherwise.

Resize Image

You can resize the image in your Proofing Interface by scrolling down its lower half and clicking the "+25%" button to enlarge by 25%, or the "-25%" one to decrease.

Enlarging the image to 100% (or sometimes more) is very helpful when there is anything unclear or ambiguous in the scan, whether it is in punctuation, accents, diacritical marks or whatever.

Spell check

Lots of errors can easily be caught using Spell Check after finishing proofreading, before saving the page as done (In the stanard interface, You can see the "Spell Check" button if you scroll down the lower part of your proofreading interface).

Spell check is not required in P1, but is mandatory in P2 & P3.

Choosing Projects

  • Below are advice & useful tips for Proofers who have either exceeded their quota of BEGIN pages, feel they had enough of those, or received a Mentor's recommendation to move on.

Keep your eye out for projects marked EASY when they're available. Some of these are special "Newcomer" projects. If you do a few pages in a project marked "Newcomers only", you'll get a notification (and how-to) when the next round has completed your pages so you can see what changes they made.

Please avoid projects marked "HARD" for the time being.

You will then be able to check how well you did, after your pages get proofed in the 2nd round ("P2"), by checking the Diff pages. (See Checking your diffs for details).

Then you can ask the person who did the 2nd round to explain anything you do not understand.

You can see how difficult a project actually is by opening it from the "P1" page and reading the "Project Page" thoroughly; these usually contain extra info about the project and useful hints and tips for proofreading it, specific to the project.

You may try out a page in a project, and then if you decide it's too difficult (like say it contains Greek, or Mathematical formulæ), you can always click on the "return page to round" in the Proofreading interface.

(Please do not just close the Proofreading window; that leaves the page in your "In Progress" queue and prevents others from working on it until the end of the round.)

Further Feedback

If you wish feedback on non-BEGIN projects, see the Dp-feedback article.

The Quiz

You may benefit at this stage from trying our Interactive Proofing Quiz/Tutorial. Please only try the first Quiz, the Proofing one; doing the 2nd, Formatting quiz will only confuse you at this stage.

Have fun, and enjoy your stay at DP!