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Content Providing for DP Canada

I've prepared one project for our Canadian sister site, and I'm using this page to document the differences between DP and DPCanada.

In general, there is no difference in the preparation of proofing and high-resolution images. The only differences are the preparation of the text files, and the upload process (DPCanada uses SFTP).

Text Files

DPCanada asks for UTF8 text. However, it's not as simple as saving your OCR output as UTF8, because they still want some common characters converted. Specifically, the following conversions should be made:

  • convert emdashes to 2 hyphens, all other dashes to a single hyphen
  • remove all tabs (I convert to a single space, some CPers replace with 2 spaces)
  • remove all non-breaking spaces
  • convert all single and double curly quotes to straight single or double quotes as appropriate.

If you are using ABBYY FR, it's possible to use the Edit -> Replace function to convert these characters before saving the files (making sure you select UTF8 as the encoding when saving!). Otherwise you can either import the post-guiprep text files into Guiguts and make the substitutions, or use Notepad++ 'Find in Files' option to do the changes.

Run Guiprep as usual, making sure that you untick 'Convert to ISO 8859-1.'

Unfortunately FR12 saves the UTF8 files with a BOM (Byte Order Mark). This needs to be removed, as DPCanada wants non-BOM text.

Uploading files

If you aren't familiar with SFTP (I wasn't), you will need to download a program or app to do the transfer. I chose FireFTP (a Firefox plugin), mainly because it would work on any platform, and so on any of my computers (I have Windows and Ubuntu laptops).

You will need to ask a DPCanada admin for the DPCanada SFTP password, it's not provided onsite as a security measure. For your first upload, create a new directory under dpscans (most people use their username), and a further sub-directory that is project-specific.

The major difference between the usual DP upload and SFTP is not to create a zip file. Upload all the png, jpg and text files into the new sub-directory without zipping them first. When you create your project, type in the full directory path to the uploaded files.