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So you’ve been thinking about adopting a DP project …

How to find a suitable project

Do a project search with the PM either 'bness2' or 'amastronardi', and the project status between 'New Project' and 'F2 Waiting.' (I've been avoiding those in the PP region because they are usually there because a problem has been found with them.)

Avoid anything with 'Needs fixing' in the project title, and any project with comments at the top of the PCs describing the problems, because somebody else has already evaluated it. There's plenty to do without duplicating somebody else's work.


Before spending any of your time evaluating a project, check to see if it has been independently uploaded to PG since the DP project was started, or if a new clearance has been granted for a very similar project. If there is a copy online, compare the PG html file with the DP project to see if they are similar e.g. compare title page and verso, which gives the date of printing, edition number etc. and check to see if the PG version is illustrated, if the DP project has illos. Many of the orphaned DP projects have copyright clearances more than 5 years old, so non-DPers won’t get an email warning them of a duplicate clearance.

Read the project thread to see if anybody mentioned any problems with the project, which may indicate that fixing it will be difficult.

Finding the scan source

bness2 usually gives a scan source on the project page, so find the title page and verso proofing images, compare them to the source and make absolutely sure it is the same edition. Sometimes the original source has been taken offline, so you need to find one from the same edition elsewhere. amastronardi makes you do more of a hunt, because he didn't provide a source.

Checking the project files against the scan source

If you find a suitable source, download the project's image files, check each page for numbering and against the source to make sure nothing is missing.

Watch out particularly for missing blanks, missing half-titles and missing pages at the front and back of the book. These are fixable, but you will need a missing page project (MPP - see below) to add pages with text. The squirrels have sets of blank pages, it's just a question of telling them where the blanks should go, and that doesn't need an MPP.

New images

bness2's projects may be good enough to use the existing proofing images, but the high-res images will need replacing or adding (he often submitted processed png images). amastronardi usually had very large, poor-quality proofing images (2000px or more wide) and they will also need replacing, as well as new high-res images.

Otherwise, it's the usual PM skills to create new proofing and/or high-res, and a very careful check of the new proofing images against the old ones to see if they match perfectly. I also download the DP text file and check to see how good it is. In extreme cases I've asked for a repeated round.

Getting the project reassigned

Once you are sure that the project is fixable, contact db-req and ask to adopt it. You don't need to wait until you have done all the work, just when you are sure that the work you have to do, can be done and you won't end up with a non-functioning project. You may also post in the project thread to say that you are evaluating the project with a view of adopting. Those with PF status usually edit the project comments instead, as that is more noticeable.

Email db-req with the project name, project ID, the former PM, the project state (i.e. what round it's in) and ask to adopt it. Add your DP username so they know who you are. I often send multiple requests in one email, but I recommend asking for one adoption first until the squirrels know what you're doing. The squirrels will check the clearance, and reassign the projects. There will be a post in the project thread to explain the change of PM, and db-req will send you an email to let you know you are the proud owner of another project (or 10).

Adopting instead of starting new projects

The only disadvantage to adoptions is that we are forced to use the edition that the original PM chose. But the delay can sometimes be helpful, as better scan sets of that edition have been uploaded. I've used different scan sets, and there is no problem as long as the editions match. The source on the project page should be changed to the new source, so from Google to TIA if you find a better scan set there.

Replacing the project images

When you have been assigned the project and prepared the replacement images, zip them up and upload them to your dpscans folder, and send an email to db-req asking for the files to be loaded into the project. Provide the project ID and name, the project state, the dpscans file name(s) and instructions if any of the existing high-resolution images should be deleted. We can replace files with the same name, but if (as an example) you are replacing the png high-res illos with jpgs, the pngs will need to be deleted.

Note: this applies to projects which have passed P1. The PM can load replacement images into their projects which are in 'New Project' or 'P1 Unavailable.' However if you need non-proofing images deleted (that is, they aren't going to be replaced), that's a db-req function

The squirrels will upload the new files, and then email you. Update the project comments, make sure you are subscribed to the project thread (because you won’t be automatically subscribed) and the event subscription ‘Project posted to PG’, because you won’t get a notification via PG's upload process (the original holder of the clearance will be notified instead).

I also recommend running the 'Project Quick Check' before release, it's surprising what you may find (e.g. tabs in the text files).

Finally, you can release the hold for the project and set it back on course.

Missing Page Projects (MPP)

If you have to run a missing page project, edit the project information and comments of the original project first, then clone the project (that copies over the project information and the GWL and BWL). Edit the MPP to add [missing pages] after the title. Give the missing pages a base name so that they will be positioned correctly when a lexical sort is done after merging. For example, if the missing pages are at the beginning of the project, name them 000, 000a, 000b etc. so they will sort before 001. If between 112 and 113, name them 112a, 112b etc.

When you have uploaded the project files to the new MPP, run the same checks that you would for any other project, put a hold on the MPP project so that it will stop at the same place as the original (e.g. if the original project is in P3 waiting or unavailable, put a ‘P3 waiting’ hold on the MPP). Finally email db-req with the details of the MPP and the main project that it should be merged with (the db-req wiki page covers this), and ask for the project to be run. DO NOT release the project yourself.