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Temporary home while I work out what to do with these:

My Box of Books

I'm mostly keen on doing periodicals & Richard Jefferies related works. But I keep acquiring random items at car boots. This is just a list of books I have, but not yet scanned or cleared. If anyone has a burning desire to see one of these, let me know and it'll get done next..

Periodicals aren't listed here, they're in the Periodicals listings.

Anonymous: Readings in Natural Theology

All About Everything (one of Beeton's "All About It" Books, 1871)

The Songs of Wales (ca. 1880; Music: about 60 songs, 204 pages)

Gaudeamus A selection of Songs for Colleges and Schools (ca. 1917: Music)

James Baldwin The Story of Roland -- there is a copyright clearance for this from July 2003. If it doesn't appear on PG within another year or so, this may get scanned.

May Baldwin A City Schoolgirl

The Boy Mechanic Vol.2 & 3 (also Volume 1, but that's already in PG [[1]])

James Branch Cabell Chivalry (first edition: illustrated. The second edition (In PG) was retconned to fit into Cabell's series of Manuel the Redeemer; almost every page of this edition has minor or major text differences from the second. Fairly low priority)

J. McLaren Cobban The White Kaid of the Atlas

The Empire Annual for Boys ca. 1916

Douglas English "Wee Tim'rous Beasties"

Julian Horatia Ewing We and the World (1910, illustrated: non-illustrated edition already in PG; low priority)

F.H. Farthing Saturday in my Garden

J.A. Froude Essays in Literature and History

J.A. Froude The Reign of Edward VI

Oliver Goldsmith The Bee and Other Essays

Hooper's Gardening Guide (illustrated, ca. 1883)

J.F. Hodgetts Harold, The Boy-Earl

Sidney Lanier The English Novel

E.V Lucas A Wanderer in London

Brander Matthews A Study of Versification

Natural History in Anecdote Alfred H. Miles

John Stuart Mill Principles of Political Economy

James Payn A Grape from a Thorn

H.B. Paull Englefield Grange

Elis T. Powell The Evolution of the Money Market 1385-1915

Marcel Prévost L'Heureux Ménage (ca. 1907, heavily illustrated)

Stephen Reynolds A Poor Man's House

Henry Roscoe Lessons in Elementary Chemistry (1871)

Edmund Selous Bird Watching

William Thackeray The Christmas Books of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh (Illustrated: 1878. This has illustrations, which the version in PG does not: also the fifth book is a completely different book to that in the PG version)

William Thackeray Contributions to Punch (Individual books are in PG, but some are not, and this volume has illustrations by Thackeray) Andrew Ure Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines 2nd edition (1840) -- P1

Voltaire History of the King of Sweden

H.G. Wells Mankind in the Making second edition (low priority: will probably do this outside DP, updating the PG first edition, mostly adding extra footnotes & introduction and putting in the illustrations)

Rev. J.G. Wood The Boy's Own Book of Natural History

Richard Jefferies

A interest of mine is to systematically go through the available works by, or about, Richard Jefferies.

Done, in PG

After London: or Wild England

The Amateur Poacher

Field and Hedgerow

Hodge and His Masters

The Life of the Fields

Nature Near London

The Open Air

Round About a Great Estate]

in DP

Amaryllis at the Fair (Waiting for P3)

The Toilers of the Field (PP)

Wood Magic (P3}

The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant (waiting for P2)


from Google books

In the UK, Google books blocks downloads of books from after 1870 or so, on the grounds they might be still in copyright. Fortunately, they don't block proxies... So I have PDFs of:

  • Bevis
  • The Scarlet Shawl
  • Restless Human Hearts
  • Green Ferne Farme
  • The Dewy Morn
  • World's End
  • Richard Jefferies A study by Henry Stephens Salt (1894)

Internet Archive

  • Bevis (2 different scan sets of the same edition!! And they look to be better scans than the Google)
  • Red Deer
  • Wild Life in a Southern County
  • The hills and the vale
  • Thomas, Edward, 1878-1917. - Richard Jefferies : his life and work.

I have these volumes to hand:

The Gamekeeper at home

These are in my local library system, and will get a loan request:

Salt, Henry S. (Henry Stephens), 1851-1939. - Richard Jefferies : his life and his ideals / by H.S. Salt. - Fifield, 1905.

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