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  • Set up Slack group of people interested who can help with planning and review etc. (done)
  • Prepare and review a wiki page with detailed info on:
    • why we're now accepting HTML5,
    • how this relates to what we have done before (such as standards etc.),
    • what sort of HTML5 will be acceptable,
    • how an XHTML 1.1/HTML4 PPer can change the PP to PG-acceptable HTML5 easily (including pointers on things like <br> etc. and entities
    • examples of code where useful
    • as they come, list of acceptable html5-only tags
  • Have group members try HTML5 on PPs to see if we run into problems that we should document - started
  • Announce the change in the GM Report - done
  • Set up a thread in the forums to announce the change, point to the wiki page, and discuss issues - Done -- here
  • Update the PP FAQ and other relevant DPOD docs
  • Consider updates to ppgen and Guiguts and DP's Post-Processing Workbench for the HTML checks it does (including possibly adding a serialization check to the workbench (using xmllint))