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About Me

I'm Linda Cantoni, and I joined DP in October 2003. I became a PPer in December of that year, and I still actively PP projects, mainly music-related ones these days.

I currently serve as DP's Music Coordinator and as a member of the DP Music Team. Along with my teammates, I help transcribe music (i.e., turn music notation in DP projects into sound files), answer music-related questions, advise CPs, PMs, and PPers on handling music in their projects, and occasionally serve as a PM for music projects.

I also serve as DP's Blog Coordinator, writing and editing posts for Hot off the Press. Everyone at DP is welcome to contribute posts about our work and experiences at DP - just send a PM to me (LCantoni) with an idea or a draft, and we'll work together to turn it into a post. A new blog post is published on the 1st of every month, with special ones in between.

I became a Trustee of the Distributed Proofreaders Foundation on June 1, 2020, for a three-year term.

Project for 2021-2022: Revising the Music Guidelines

I originally drafted DP's Music Guidelines in 2009 and updated them regularly until the end of 2012, when I stepped down as a PF for music. The GM asked me to take up that wand again, and I did so with pleasure -- and a little tribulation, as I knew that the Music Guidelines were woefully out of date.

One of the DP Objectives is to revise the Music Guidelines. They are not yet part of DP's Official Documentation, but I hope that they will be someday, with community consensus.

To that end, I've created a subpage to my user page, Draft Revised Music Guidelines. I'll be seeking comments on them from the community as we go along.