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Hi, I'm Curtis, known at DP as caw.

I've volunteered for DP for over 5 years as (in no particular order) a proofer, formatter, content provider, project manager, post processor, post-processing verifier, and developer (briefly).

If you have any questions about my projects at DP, please send me a private message.


A little while ago I created a Perl script called snatch that automates the downloading (i.e., snatching) of book page images from online archives, such as university library sites.

I probably will not be updating snatch in the future, unless anyone stumbles upon any really bad bugs. The code is modularized so that each supported site has its own file, and anyone who knows a little bit of perl can probably create new site modules or modify existing ones without too much difficulty.

Away from DP

I do have other interests:

  • I run Pluckerbooks, which offers free stripped-down HTML versions of ebooks designed particularly for viewing on handheld devices using Plucker software.
  • I have a blog
  • I consider myself a small-l libertarian and do whatever I can to promote classical liberal philosophy