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Installing and using Lilypond

Lilypond is available for many platforms and operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Lilypond's homepage is here. The download link is on the lower right. Select Version 2.10.


The installation file is a single .exe file. After downloading, click on it and follow the instructions. Within minutes, you would have successfully installed Lilypond

You do not need any special software to write Lilypond code. Any text editor such as Windows Notepad will do. It might be useful to get a text editor optimised for programming such as jEdit. jEdit has a Lilytools plugin which can help by displaying different parts of the code in different colours and help with error checking.

It is a good practice to name Lilypond code files with the .ly file extension. To compile the Lilypond code, all you need to do is double-click the .ly file. This will produce (if the code has asked for it) a PDF and midi file of the notation.



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