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Midi input for the Lily1 Stage

Lilypond can import a midi file and generate notation from it, and we can use it successfully as long as we understand it's limitations. It tends to interpret note durations very literally, and so the slight irregularities in note durations with human-generated midi can lead to strange results.

For best results, bear in mind the following:

  • We want a Type 1 midi file, with each vocal part on a separate track.
  • There is no need to include lyrics. Lilypond can import lyrics but not very well.
  • If you can, use midi software like Cakewalk with "snap to grid", or other software which can regularize the note durations. (I believe the technical term for this is "quantize" the midi).
  • If you want to try playing out a midi without "snap to grid" or quantization, choose a piece with a steady, stately beat, without too many changes in note durations.
  • Set the midi instruments to anything you like, (so that others can enjoy it while work is in progress)

or else just leave it as default. Lilypond doesn't mind.

  • Don't observe any repeats, just play through all the notes once. Repeats signs will be added in Lilypond.