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Lily1 Code

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Then create a link in this section to that uploaded midi file.

Lily2 Code

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%%% 374, 375 & 376.png

%%%Hymn 238 ( Alternate setting of parts 1 and 3 )

%%%Rev 1.

\version "2.10.23"

\header {

deication = \markup { \center-align { "THE HOLY NAME" \hspace #0.1 }}
	title = \markup { "238" \small \smallCaps "(Alternate Setting of Parts 1 and 3)" }

  poet = \markup { \small {  \line { \sans {"THE ROSY SEQUENCE."} \hspace #1 \roman {"(L. M..)"}} }}

  meter = \markup { \small { \italic {In free rhythm} \fontsize #-5 \general-align #Y #DOWN \note #"4" #1 = 112.} \small \italic {   To be sung in unison.} }

  arranger =  \markup { \small \italic "Sarum Gradual" ", 1527, 1523, " \italic "and" " 1532." }

  tagline =""



%%prints a repeat sign glyph comprising 4 dots and two thin bars

fdendrepeat = {\once \override Staff.BarLine #'stencil = #ly:text-interface::print 

	\once \override Staff.BarLine #'text = \markup  {  \line { \raise #1.4 \override #'(baseline-skip . 1.0)  \column { \with-color #black {  \fontsize #2 . \fontsize #2 . \fontsize #2 . \fontsize #2 .} }

	                                                  \hspace #-1 \filled-box #'(0 . 0.15) #'(-2 . 2) #0

							  \hspace #-0.9 \filled-box #'(0 . 0.15) #'(-2 . 2) #0


	} }	

        \bar "||"} 

%%prints a repeat sign glyph comprising 4 dots. Used only to begin a repeat at the start of a piece where \bar ":" does not work	

fdstartrepeat =  {\once \override Staff.BarLine #'stencil = #ly:text-interface::print 

	          \once \override Staff.BarLine #'text = \markup  { \line { \hspace #0 \override #'(baseline-skip . 1.0) 

	                                                 \raise #1.4 \column { \with-color #black { 

							                \fontsize #2 . \fontsize #2 . \fontsize #2 . \fontsize #2 .} }

	          } }	

                 \bar "|:"}

%%generates the breathmarks
breathmark = { 
	\override Score.RehearsalMark #'break-visibility = #begin-of-line-invisible
	\override Score.RehearsalMark #'Y-offset = #'4.0
	\override Score.RehearsalMark #'X-offset = #'-0.3
	\mark \markup { \fontsize #4 "," }

%% music function to allow lyrics to skip over any number of note-syllables. 
%% The standard \skip command has its duration ignored when using \lyricsto or \addlyrics. 
%% Each instance of \skip will only skip one note-syllable. 
%% To avoid entering too many \skip commands, use this workaround function. 
%% To skip 8 note-syllables, for example, issue the command \skips #8

skips = #(define-music-function (parser location times) (number?)
	     \repeat unfold $times { \skip 1}

mvnote = { \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #'0.1 \set fontSize = #-2 }

movenote = \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #'0.4


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%end of macro definitions

global = {

\time 9/4

\key e \major

\set Staff.midiInstrument = "church organ"


soprano = \relative c' {  \fdstartrepeat b'4 cis e dis cis b gis e2 \breathmark \cadenzaOn e4 fis(gis) a gis(fis gis) e dis e e2 \breathmark \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff \break
\fdstartrepeat gis4 b cis b gis a fis e2 \breathmark gis4 b a gis fis a fis e2 \breathmark \bar "|" \break
e4 e cis dis e fis a gis(e) \breathmark gis4 b cis b gis a b b2^\fermata \fdendrepeat \break
\fdstartrepeat gis4 cis b gis a fis e e2 \breathmark gis4 e a b a gis fis e2 \breathmark \bar "|" \break
e4 fis gis a gis gis fis e2 gis4^\markup {\small \italic "1st time" } b cis b gis a b b2 \fdendrepeat \break
gis4^\markup {\small \italic "2nd time" } b cis b gis a fis e2 \fdstartrepeat e4^\markup { \small "Part 3." } e e fis e e cis b2 \breathmark \bar "|" \break
b4 cis e e e fis e e2 \breathmark gis4 b cis b b a b b2 \breathmark \bar "|" \break
e,4 fis a gis2 (e4) gis4 (b a gis) fis gis gis2^\fermata \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff \break
\fdstartrepeat e4 gis e a gis gis fis e2 \breathmark \cadenzaOn cis4 e (dis e) dis cis b cis dis e1 \breathmark \bar "|" \break
gis4 (b) b cis b gis a fis e2 \breathmark \bar "|" e4 (b cis) e(fis) gis fis(gis e) e dis e e2^\fermata \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff }
alto = \relative c' { \fdstartrepeat \movenote e1 ~ e4 dis2 cis \cadenzaOn cis4 <<b2 dis>> <<cis4 e>> \movenote e1 \movenote b1 \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff \break
\fdstartrepeat e2. fis4 e \movenote cis1 b2 e <<cis fis>> dis4 b2 \bar "|" \break
\movenote cis1 ~cis4 <<a2 cis>> cis2 b e4 fis e2 ~e4 dis2 \fdendrepeat \break
\fdstartrepeat e2 fis4 e2 dis4 e e2 <<cis2 e>> << { e2 ~ e4 } \new Voice = "alt" { \voiceFour \mvnote cis4 b4 \mvnote cis4 } >> \movenote cis1 \bar "|" \break
\movenote b2. <cis e>2 \movenote b1 b2 e4 fis e2 ~ e4 dis2 \fdendrepeat \break
b2 e4 fis e <<cis e>> <<b dis>> e2 \fdstartrepeat b2. dis4 e b a fis2 \bar "|" \break
b4 a gis2. << { a4 gis gis2 } \new Voice = "alt" { \voiceFour \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #'0.4 cis1 } >> e4 dis cis e2. dis4 dis2 \bar "|" \break
\cadenzaOn cis4 dis <<cis4~ e~>>  <<cis2. e>> e2~ << e2 \new Voice = "alt" { \voiceFour \mvnote cis4 b4 } >> <<b2~ dis~>>  <<b2 dis>> \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff \break
\fdstartrepeat b2. cis4 dis \movenote cis1 \cadenzaOn cis4 \movenote b1 a4 gis \movenote gis1 s2 \bar "|" \break
<e' gis>1 fis4 e <cis e>4 <b dis>4 cis2 \bar "|" e4 b cis ~ \movenote cis1 gis2. \movenote b1 \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff }

tenor = \relative c { \clef bass \fdstartrepeat gis'4 gis1 \movenote gis \cadenzaOn gis4 s2 s4 b2. cis4 fis, gis gis2 \fdendrepeat  \cadenzaOff \break 
\fdstartrepeat gis2. fis4 e a2 gis gis a4 b s2 b4 gis2 \bar "|" \break 
gis2 e ~e4 s2 e4 gis gis2. b4 b e,4 fis2. \fdendrepeat  \break
\fdstartrepeat cis'2 fis,4 e ~e b' gis gis2 s1 s4 \movenote e1 \bar "|" \break
gis2. s2 \movenote gis1 gis2. b4 b e, fis2. \fdendrepeat \break
gis2. b2 s2 gis2 \fdstartrepeat gis2. b4 gis e2 ~ e4 dis \bar "|" \break
e2 ~ e2. s1 e4 fis a gis2 e4 fis fis2 \bar "|" \break
\cadenzaOn e4 b' s4 s2. b4 gis s2 s1 \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff \break \fdstartrepeat gis2. e4 b' \movenote e,1 \cadenzaOn e4 \movenote e1 ~e2 ~ \movenote e1 s2 \bar "|" \break
e2. s4 b'2 s2 gis2 \bar "|" e2.~ \movenote e1 ~ e2. fis4 gis gis2 \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff }

bass = \relative c { \clef bass  e4 cis1 gis2 cis2 \cadenzaOn cis4 b2 a4 e'2. cis4 b e e2 \fdendrepeat  \cadenzaOff \break
\fdstartrepeat e2 cis4 dis e fis,2 cis' e cis4 e a,2 b4 e2 \bar "|" \break
\movenote cis1 ~cis4 fis,2 cis' e2 cis4 dis e cis b2._\fermata \fdendrepeat  \break
\fdstartrepeat cis2 dis4 e a, b e e2 cis2 a4 gis a \movenote cis1 \bar "|" \break
e2. a,4 cis \movenote e1 e2 cis4 dis e cis b2. \fdendrepeat \break
e2 cis4 dis e a, b e2 \fdstartrepeat e2. b4 e gis, a b2 \bar "|" \break
gis4 a cis2. fis,4 cis' cis2 cis4 b a e'2 cis4 b b2 \bar "|" \break
\cadenzaOn cis4 b a cis2. e2 a,4 e' b2 gis2 \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff\break
\fdstartrepeat e'2. a,4 b \movenote cis1 \cadenzaOn a4 \movenote gis1 a4 e' \movenote cis1 s2 \bar "|" \break
e2. cis4 dis e a, b cis2 \bar "|" gis2 a4 \movenote cis1 ~ cis2. b4 <e, e'>4 <<e'2 e,_\fermata>> \fdendrepeat \cadenzaOff }

topline = \lyricmode { 
%%1'st verse%%
 Je -- su! -- the ve -- ry thought is sweet! In that dear name__ all heart -- joys meet; 
%%2nd verse%%
"2 No" word is sung more sweet than this: No name is heard more full of bliss: No thought brings sweet -- er com -- fort nigh, Than Je -- sus, Son of God most high.
%%4th verse%%
"4 Je" -- su, thou sweet -- ness, pure and blest, Truth's Fonn -- tain, Light of souls dis -- trest, Sur -- pass -- ing all that heart re -- quires, Ex -- ceed -- ing all that soul de -- sires!
%%5th verse second time%%
 Knows, love of Je -- sus! what thou art.
%%6th verse%%
"6 I" seek for Je -- sus in re -- pose, When round my heart its cham -- bers close; A -- board, and when I shut the door, I long for Je -- -- sus___ ev -- er more. 
%%8th verse%%
"8 Je" -- sus, to God the Fa -- ther gone, Is seat___ ed on the heaven -- ly throne; My_ heart hath al -- so passed from me, That___ where_ he is__ there it may be.

secondline = \lyricmode { 
%%1'st verse, 2nd time%%
But sweet -- er than the ho -- ney far The glimp -- ses of__ his pre -- sence are. 
%%3rd verse%%
"3 Je" -- su! the hope of souls for -- lorn! How good to them for sin that mourn! To them that seek thee, O how kind! But what art thou to them that find?
%%5th verse%%
"5 No" tongue of mor -- tal can ex -- press, No let -- ters write its bless -- ed -- ness: A -- lone who hath thee in his heart

\skips #16

%%7th verse%%
"7 With" Ma -- ry in the morn -- ing gloom I seek for Je -- sus at the tomb; For him, with love's most earn -- est cry, I seek with heart_ and___ not with eye.
%%9th verse%%
"9 We" fol -- low Je -- sus now, and raise The voice___ of prayer, the hymn of praise, That_ he at last may make us meet With___ him_ to gain___ the heaven -- ly seat.

#(ly:set-option 'point-and-click #t)


\new ChoirStaff	


	\context Staff = upper << 

	\context Voice = sopranos { \voiceOne \global \soprano }

	\context Voice = altos    { \voiceTwo \global \alto }


    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "sopranos" { \override LyricText #'font-size = #-1 \topline }
	\new Lyrics \lyricsto "sopranos" { \override LyricText #'font-size = #-1 \secondline }    

	\context Staff = lower <<

	\context Voice = tenors { \voiceOne \global \tenor }

	\context Voice = basses { \voiceTwo \global \bass }




\layout {


		\context { \Score \remove "Bar_number_engraver" }

		\context { \Staff \remove "Time_signature_engraver" }

		\context { \Score \remove "Mark_engraver"  }

                \context { \Staff \consists "Mark_engraver"  }



\midi { \context { \Score tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 116 4)}}	

} %%score bracket

Lily2 Notes

Ebykm 08:10, 13 October 2009 (PDT)

  • I don't know how to put a large "{" for the first verse, so have omitted the first verse number and "{".
  • How do you tell Lilypond to add dotted/underscored Melissma ?. eg. "Je - sus . . ." I have used "_" where applicable in the lyrics.
  • The end repeat marks with 4 dots don't render properly, where breath marks are used, but sometimes they do render properly!!!. This is really confusing.
  • I have omitted the use of Volta in the score, instead "^\markup { \italic "1st time" / "2nd time" }" is used on second page (375.png, first 2 systems).
  • The third measure from the end contain 13 beats for the melody and 11 beats for the organ. Is this correct ?, if the last note is a minim, please remember to remove non-printing minims from organ part.