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The DP website is translatable into other languages besides English. This page discusses the overall process of how to help make that happen.

Getting started

The Translation FAQ is the best place to start. It includes information for end-users (how to set your language and how to become a translator), translators (how to use the Translation Center and best practices working with formatted strings), and system administrators -- what is shown in the FAQ depends on your permissions.


Ideally, translators would be native speakers in the destination language and have English as a second language. Volunteers fluent in the destination language are likely to be considered. This isn't for the faint of heart: The site has over 3000 strings to translate varying from simple strings like "Project ID" to long, complex paragraphs.

Translations are worked on in a unit of a whole language, not individual strings. For this reason, if multiple volunteers are working to translate one language, they should work in series not in parallel to ensure no work is lost. In these cases it is recommended that one volunteer be the coordinator for that language's translation.

Locale selection

Because languages are regional, we translate into locales, not just languages. For instance, we might have a Portugal Portuguese translation (pt_PT) and a separate Brazil Portuguese translation (pt_BR). Translators should be clear which locale/language they want to assist with. Translation coordinators needs to provide clear direction on which one their team is working on.

Similarly some languages have formal and informal variations. It is important that translations are consistent across all the string translations.

Incomplete translations

As of 27 December 2015, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese translations are incomplete. Since they were last worked on in 2012, many strings have been added and changed, including the addition of the (relatively) new quizzes. So despite some of them being ~60% complete, all existing translations need a review, not just adding new translations.

An updated French translation was rolled out on 27 April 2017. It included as much as possible that might be viewable by proofers and formatters except for the quizzes. Quiz translations were added 31 May 2019.