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This Page is intended as a place to list, and keep track of progress on, series of books where each book has a different author.

Create a sub-page for each series by cloning an entry below and following the link created, then list all of the books and authors, along with the state of progress, if any, for each book.

Please only include books that you have a reasonable expectation would be in the public domain.

Anyone who has access to any of these books through a library is encouraged to consider them for scanning. If you do start work on one of these books, please update the status so that other folks don't duplicate your work.

American Men of Letters

Black's Beautiful Books

Cambridge County Geographies

The Blue Books of Practical Information

English Men of Action

English Men of Letters

English Writers of To-day

Famous Scots:Series

Foreign Statesmen Series

The Great Masters in Painting and Sculpture

The Great Artists

Handbooks on the History of Religions

The Heroes of the Nations

Masterpieces in Colour

The Medieval Town Series

Oxford County Histories

Peeps At ---

The Bygone Series

The Story of the Nations

True Stories of Great Americans The lives of national heroes told in a new way for children

The Young Collector Series

Twelve English Statesmen Series