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Readiris is an OCR software program, usable with Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems.

Readiris Pro ships with various scanners and all-in-1 (printer/copier/scanner) devices, making it the default package on some systems. There is a page limitation for batch mode processing in the unregistered version, which some [[CP|content providers} don't like. Readiris is available in versions for various regions (North America, Asia, etc.) making it possibly the good solution for people needing a flexible program. See Readiris's website.

Readiris has many of the features expected of OCR software, such as opening various file formats, detecting page orientation, deskewing, despeckling, layout analysis into zones of text/table/image etc; has a training mode for teaching it to recognise the fonts used in your book).

Readiris lacks the ability to split double pages.